What to look for when buying a Swimming competition swimsuit?

Swimming competition swimsuit

The swimsuit competition is pieces that tend to have fairly high prices compared to common swimsuits used to train. Depending on the brand and model we are looking for, prices usually go from € 50 to € 500 in some models.

Although it may seem like an exorbitant figure, the materials in which they are manufactured are highly efficient for competition. In today’s article, we want to show you a series of general tips so that you can learn what to look for when buying a swimming competition swimsuit.

What should I take into account when buying a competition swimsuit?


Swimwear brands are more important than you might think. The fact that brands like Speedo or Arena have been around for so long is a symbol of the good work and quality of all the swimming gear they produce.

However, brands with less experience such as Jaked have been betting heavily on the manufacture of swimsuits and swimming and Lifeguard requirements sports equipment in general and are consequently gaining a place among the best brands on the market.

For this reason, it is important that, before buying a competition swimsuit, you do a little research on the brand and review the opinions of its customers about their swimsuits. A little consumer research can go a long way in purchasing a quality, comfortable and durable competition swimsuit.

Swimsuit function

If what you are looking for is a swimsuit to start swimming with, you don’t need to look at swimsuits made with the best materials, but rather a training swimsuit.

On the contrary, if you are a professional swimmer, you will need to buy a swimsuit made with the latest technical innovations that allow you to improve your marks in the water.

Be sure to compare brands and research customer reviews of products before purchasing.

Buy in specialized stores

When we want to buy sports equipment, we all have a brand or store in our heads. Do not assume that these stores are the best option when buying a competition swimsuit, since, although they sell sports equipment, they are not specialized swimming stores. The specialized swimming stores can provide you with many better options, more profitable and, above all, offer you better advice and care.

Materials for swimsuits

Pay close attention to the fabric with which the swimsuits are made, especially the competition ones. Buying an expensive swimsuit does not always mean that the material from which it is made is of quality. And can quickly spoil it due to the degradation of chlorine.

These swimsuits must be perfectly tailored to prevent them from ending up fraying or worn down by chlorine in a short time.

Although no treatment is 100% resistant to chlorine, some treatments do allow to extend the useful life of the swimsuit. If you are not sure of the chlorine resistance of a particular swimsuit, do not hesitate to ask the seller or call the manufacturer to answer your questions.

Once the doubts about what to look for when buying a competition swimsuit have been cleared, another no less important doubt arises; How do I know that the swimsuit I want looks good on me?

How to make sure that the competition swimsuit fits you well?

In competition swimsuits, unlike any other swimsuit, where appearance and style have a higher priority, fit and comfort level should be the two most important factors when choosing them. You are going to spend a lot of time in the position and you need to be as comfortable with it as possible.

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The torso part should lie perfectly flat on the body. Without meeting at the seams or pulling on any of the straps or openings. The high spandex content of competition swimsuits. Generally allows for a flat fit, but it is important to ensure that the swimsuit is not too tight. Make sure you can move comfortably in it and make sure. It does not stretch at the seams of the legs, sides or neck.


To know if the swimsuit fits the legs well, it is necessary to make sure that. The elastic does not wrinkle or stick between the legs. If this happens, you can try on a size larger. Also, be sure to check the back of the swimsuit to make sure it fits snugly against your back. If not, you can try a different style instead of a different size.


The shoulder straps should fit snugly over the shoulders without sagging. Move them, check that they fit comfortably on your shoulders, and prevent them from squeezing you too much. Roll your shoulders to see if you feel comfortable moving and see if the straps stay in the same place. Swimming requires a constant movement of your shoulders. And you will need them to be comfortable and to fit perfectly on your shoulders.


The chest area is a fundamental area to realize. If the size you have chosen is the correct one or not. If the size you have chosen tightens your chest too much when moving your arms. It means that you need a size larger. If, on the other hand, it does not fit enough, you will need one size less. Make sure it squeezes you a bit, without actually bothering you when you move your arms. With all these tips in mind, you should be ready to choose the correct competition swimsuit. Try it in the pool and let us know in the comments. If these tips have helped you to choose the swimsuit that best suits you.


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