How can you Maintain Windows Registry Security

Windows Registry Security

Windows Registry Security stores data about the OS and applications on the system. These registry files contain all the personal info and data. Use should secure all the sensitive information. Nowadays, people often use VPN or incognito mode. It won’t create history files which can help keep the data secure. However, hackers can get the information from your registry files.

Before the registry files, all the data was stored in the settings file. The data used to be scattered everywhere. But now all data is stored in the registry files. This makes it easy to access. But storing all files in one place makes it easy for hackers. They directly access the Windows Registry Security to steal the data. To keep them secure; you should remove all the crucial information from registry files.

The Windows Registry is a hassle to edit under normal circumstances, but occasionally you will encounter keys that are protected by the system. When you try to add or edit a protected registry key or import settings from a .reg file into a protected key, you will run into a few different errors. They say you don’t have permission to make changes. However, since this is just a permission issue, we can get around it by giving the correct permissions to your user account in Windows. Read on to know-how.

Removing sensitive information from Windows Registry Security

For removing the security information; the user can go for identity protector tools. Certain programs offer protection tools. When the user runs the program; it checks the whole device and searches for hidden traces. If any traces appear; the tool will immediately remove them. 

  1. Open system and go to the web
  2. Search for an identity protector tool
  3. Download a compatible setup 
  4. Install the program and then open a software

Run the application and it will start checking for all the Windows registry files. If it finds any data which carries the personal information; it will save it securely in the vault and then remove other data. Now the user can run the device without any security concerns. Many times, while opening crucial files on Windows, users get the Windows error code 0xc00000e9. An error occurs when the registry files get corrupted. But there are few other reasons which can get the Windows device into error.

Restart the Windows Device

When the user gets an error code while accessing registry files then close all the programs. Your system can get into error when some of the files get into runtime issues. Users can fix the error by restarting. After closing all the programs, restart the device. Again try to access the registry files and check for Windows errors.

Repair the Windows Registry Security

Many times, users get into error when some of the Windows files have stopped working. Files stop working when you make some invalid changes. The user has to open the system’s registry files and then fix the errors. Before repairing the files, the user must get the backup keys for the whole they are editing. These files are very sensitive so the user must edit them carefully.

  1. Open the Windows PC and tap on run
  2. Type cmd on the wizard
  3. On your command prompt, type Regedit

Hit Enter and the user will get the Windows Registry editor on the screen. Now check for the files which are showing the error. Copy the files and then create the backup key for all those files. In case the user edits the files wrongly, he can use the backup key. Now open the files and edit them. You should edit the registry files on your system when you know the correct steps. Without the proper knowledge, editing the files is very difficult. After repairing your files, reopen the program which was showing the error. 

Update your Operating System

Updating the operating system is necessary for accessing the device smoothly. Updating fixes the loopholes on the previous version. When the user updates his system; your registry files get better protection from hackers. If an error appears; check for the system’s update. Open your system’s Update and Security page. Hit on Update and it will check for the available update. After updating, reopen the device and check the registry files related error.

Scan the computer for Malware

Malware like viruses and spyware can corrupt the registry files. Many times, users repair the files and then they again get corrupted. This occurs when the viruses are corrupted simultaneously. Users should run a security program to remove all the viruses and spyware from the system. After removing the threats, repair the registry files and now you can work without any error. 


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