Why Your Homemade Firepit Needs a Full-Length Firepit Cover

Firepit Cover

For the past two years, homeowners across the world have been stuck indoors due to the COVID19 pandemic. To navigate through their mundane lives indoors, many homeowners created outdoor living arrangements. Some people renovated their yards. Some even built their own firepits to experience warmth during the winter months.

Contrary to belief, building a homemade fire pit is very easy. All it takes is research, the right type of materials, and some simple construction tricks. However, maintaining homemade firepits is way more challenging. Firepits face all types of weather and pest-related threats. If you own a homemade firepit, you should do your best to preserve it.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to protect and preserve your homemade firepit – just buy a protective firepit cover! These protective covers can keep your precious firepit safe from all external threats at all times. Here’s why using these covers to protect and preserve your firepits is so important –

Fabric Covers are Ideal for Homemade Firepits

Covers made of “outdoor fabrics” are ideal for protecting homemade firepits. “Outdoor fabrics” are essentially fabrics made of highly durable materials like polyester or vinyl. Unlike solid metal covers, fabric covers are more practical, more cost-effective covers, lightweight, and easy to store. They can cover firepits of all types and sizes.

Plus, covers made of “outdoor fabrics” are weather and water-resistant. They prevent wind or moisture from damaging the firepit’s components. When firepits are not in use, they attract moisture and pests. These factors can combine to completely ruin your firepits. The fabric covers keep moisture and pests out and extend your homemade firepit’s lifespan.

Full-Length Covers Can Fit All Types of Firepits

Firepit covers made of polyester blends or vinyl are extremely flexible and easy to install. The full-length versions of these covers can protect all components of firepits. These covers completely shield the firepit’s leg base, electronic parts, gas transmission parts, etc. Hence, all parts of the firepit stay 100% protected from external weather conditions.

Half-length firepit covers may have some vulnerabilities. For example, there may be one spot on your cover that’s exposed to intense weather conditions. Even such a small gap in your cover can cause your firepit’s components to rust. Full covers always prevent corrosion, and they also keep the legs of the firepits free from insects, spiderwebs, etc.

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Customizable and Long-Lasting

For many homeowners, firepits serve decorative functions. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of their backyards. Such homeowners can now get firepit covers with custom printed designs and styles. For example, homeowners can get a fabric cover with colors and designs that fit the décor of their backyards.

Homeowners can also custom-print their family names, logos, high-quality pictures, etc., on these full-length covers. The full-length covers offer a lot of space for custom printing. More importantly, these fabric covers are highly durable. They’re often coated with PVC and other synthetic materials, which make them tear and abrasion-resistant.

If you own a homemade firepit, it deserves the best possible protection. Buy a high-quality, full-length cover for your homemade firepit and increase its lifespan by several years!


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