Characteristics of Healthy School Environment

Characteristics of Healthy School Environment

Environment of a school matters a lot for the successful growth of a student. It is very similar to the work atmosphere in any office. Students being inexperienced face trouble in adjusting in a scattered environment and problems in learning and memorizing. Just like any other human being, the atmosphere inspires, motivates and demotivates students and also makes a relevant impact on their performance. Students have to pay a lot of attention and focus to learn and study their curriculum. They have to go through different subjects and their different aspects by putting in hard work and continuous learning. A healthy school and community environment is good for every student but its necessity can be felt in every sector related to students’ life. A healthy school environment provides overall development to the students. Such an environment creates a positive atmosphere which provides an opportunity to the students to grow completely and that too with good attributes. LMS (learning management system) of any school also focuses on providing a healthy school and community environment. This feature of LMS ensures parents that their kids are getting a better education. Healthy environment in a school prevents students from stress like fear of tough subjects and their topics such as providing tricky math puzzles with answers. Studying such tricky math puzzles with answers removes fear of math from a student’s heart. A healthy school environment makes the student discover their talents and interests. A healthy school and community environment maintains the mental and physical well-being of the students. Let’s understand the main characteristics of healthy school and community environment:

  • In a healthy school and community environment students should be provided with a very friendly environment where students should not be scared instead should be happy and jolly and their hard work and efforts for learning should be rewarded. They should always be supported in the atmosphere of the school and community they live in.
  • A school and community environment includes various necessary things such as cooperation from teachers, peers and school management. Such a supportive environment makes students deal with any kind of situation. Such a supportive environment also promotes active learning among students which makes them take interest and succeed in their learning curriculum.
  • A school is a temple of knowledge and learning where students are treated as delicate petals. But in some schools’ students are punished and beaten like animals regularly which is really inhuman. Hence, the atmosphere of a healthy school should be such where physical punishment and violence should be forbidden completely because violence can’t teach any good thing to any student and an environment free from violence is best for learning.
  • A school environment can be called best for the student only if students can get safety along with support to their creativity. It is so because the minds of children are very creative and full of talents. They just need some boost up and they can astonish the world. Hence, school management should support such creative ideas so that students can also feel supported and cared for.
  • School management should understand these days that the role of parents is very important in the development of students. Kids as a student spend half of their day at school and half at their home. Hence, parents should be involved with the teachers in the study curriculum of students. Parents should be involved in various activities organized by school management such as any tour of students, some sports events, annual functions. Participation of parents in such activities makes students happy and boosts up their morale and apart from this, parents also have a satisfaction that their kids are getting a good education.
  • School is that place for earning knowledge where students are taught various good attributes like equality. That is why there is a uniform code in schools to regulate feelings of equality among students. In a healthy school environment students are given equal opportunities to grow, to learn and to create their own future. Students are supported completely without any discrimination of caste, creed, race and status. Such schools teach students decision making abilities equally so that in future they can make right decisions regarding their further academic life and professional development.

Parents should choose such schools for the academic development of the students and kids, which support the students like described above and make them achieve their goals with full support.


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