11 DIY Diwali Gifts Ideas To Make Celebration More Enjoyable


It’s the celebration of lights – and sweets, and new outfits and of course, presents!!! I get as excited as my children when it comes to Diwali gifts – and they appreciate it! I can’t help it. Diwali gifts are distinctive from birthday gifts. There’s something more joyful about them, something that birthday gifts can’t match! And when everyone’s gifting each other all about, it’s an original case of ‘the more, the merrier!

Although buying online Diwali gifts for everyone can be difficult on the pocket, not to specify the environment. And it can also be moderately dull, especially when you get identical collections of the same thing from distinct people. Yes, we’re speaking about going handcrafted, and we’ve rounded up 11 of the most sincere ideas that are also useful and don’t take too much time or money to make. And yes, the children can certainly add these to their Diwali activities, particularly if you have a unique children Diwali function! Therefore why be tiresome when you can stand out – with easy DIY Diwali gifts that you can do yourself!

SeaShell Candles

A unique idea for the nooks and corners of your house, the seashell candles are an excellent way to add warmth and shade. The idea is to use deep seashells as vessels for the wax instead of glass jars or earthen pots.

DIY CD Diyas

However, if you have some CDs of your beloved movies lying about, you are all arranged for this Diwali. Take the design into your hands & scoop those CDs out, and DIY extravagantly fashionable Diwali diyas.

DIY Camera Photo Frames

For your DIY Diwali decoration ideas, we have seen you embraced in the most celebratory way. The best Diwali gift via express diwali gifts delivery always. Have joy assembling your pretty own vintage Camera Photo Frame & have it as a quirky storable on your mantelpiece or window sill. It can hold photos of 7cm by 7cm, which you can instantly change whenever you like by sliding them into a hole on the side. The frame of the camera is tastefully made up with fragile motifs & complex designs. Get them artistic vibes on!

Homemade Rangoli Powder

Everybody requires Rangoli powder at the Diwali celebration, so why not present them with a handcrafted variant that’ll have everyone laughing – even the environment? This Rangoli powder method from Fun Little’s is simple to make, and you can use vegetable food shades to get the fancied colors.

Yummy Munchies with DIY Sweet Boxes & Jars

Sweets are compatible with festive celebrations, but we’re bored of the very old Kaju katali and soan papdi and other signs that you encounter in each other’s sweets store. To present it as a more personalized Diwali Gift, reach up with something unique. A handmade brownie jar or a personally picked chocolate box is sure to stir up some laughs this once.

Pistachio Tealight Holder

Now, this is just recycling!! If you’ve made cardboard boxes lying about after your online shopping, don’t toss them away. And if you’ve just had a movie or Netflix marathon while eating on pistachios, don’t lose the shells unless! Follow The Crafty Angels and set them together to build treasure out of waste!

DIY Winter Feel Diwali Diyas

Your winter-themed Diya’s are willing to combine some beautiful looks to the Diwali Decoration. Grasp some sticks and some melanistic wool. Tie the sticks up using wool in the form of a hollow bonfire & have the wax candle in the middle.

DIY Sewing Machine Calendar

Sew your goals into intricate sheets of faux fabric with the old DIY Sewing Machine Calendar 2021-2022. The output is entirely eco-friendly and is made ethically with affection. The template has been thoughtfully illustrated with realistic details. The date cards are in the sort of cloth sheets. Enjoy making the calendar a handcrafted gift for a cherished one or your mantelpiece, table-top or shelf.

Chinese Paper Lanterns

A typical DIY style for houses, paper lanterns look appealing and add life to access and galleries. You can set them on the ground or tie them up to the roof for a pleasant look.

Doily Lamps

A lovely and unique DIY technique for houses, the doily lamps are a fantastic way to light up your house. Granted, it takes a tiny bit more effort, but it will make you so pleased to achieve this DIY lighting technique all by yourself.

DIY Masala Chai Kettle and Cups

For all you chai enthusiasts out there, you can now keep evidence of your endlessly love chai closer on your table and gaze at it fondly as you sip a hot mug of Joe. A quaint tea kettle from the courts of India, with a couple of teacups, brings back thoughts of good old college days, discussions about life plans over countless cups of chai and sutta.


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