Can Zopiclone Cure Anxiety


Anxiety is a regular occurrence in human beings, and it does occur frequently in some people. This emotion is displayed on a daily basis when triggered by certain things, for example, getting ready for an interview, meeting new people, etc. This feeling has its good uses as it sometimes helps us to be more aware of our surroundings. The feeling of anxiety can either be a short-term occurrence that happens in the moment and goes away after some time, or it can be a more extreme form that happens all the time and affects the general life of the individual. If the feeling of anxiety is extreme, then it may have become a disorder.

What is Anxiety disorder?

Anxiety disorder is a very common medical condition that affects the mental health of the diagnosed individual. The symptoms of this condition are self-diagnosable and include constant fear, panic, and worrying that interrupt the regular way of life of the affected individual. There could also be physical telltale signs such as heavy, rapid breathing, profuse sweating, etc. If you have an anxiety disorder, there are various ways it can be treated, which include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or with the use of certain medications.

Does Zopiclone treat anxiety?

Well, when it comes to treating anxiety, the recommended methods are psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which have been proven to be very effective and safe in the long term. These procedures may involve meeting with a therapist, getting to find out what the underlying cause of the anxiety is, and facing these triggers head on. Sometimes, while going through these procedures, medications can be used as well. One such medication that can be used to treat anxiety is Zopiclone.

The drug Zopiclone affects the brain in a way that boosts the activities of a relaxing chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which the brain releases. This chemical prevents certain brain signals from being transmitted and lowers the activity of the central nervous system. As a result, the individual becomes calmer while the feelings of anxiety and fear fade away. This makes this medication suitable for treating anxiety disorders. It should be noted that these medications do not cure anxiety disorders, but rather help with their management while improving the quality of life. 

Zopiclone Dosage for Anxiety

Zopiclone, as previously stated, is usually used for the treatment of insomnia, but it also has an effect on people who have anxiety as they are in a much calmer state. When taking the drug for insomnia, the recommended dosage is usually 7.5mg moments before bedtime in adults who are older than the age of 18 but under the age of 65.

For people with anxiety, this drug will help induce a calming effect and help them relax. A smaller dose of about 3.75mg, however, might be needed if it is to treat just anxiety’s alone, because a high dose may be too much. The use of 3.75mg is also recommended for people who have kidney or liver problems or those older than 65 years. The risk of getting side effects while using the drug will also be lower when using lower doses of Zopiclone.

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Can you buy Zopiclone online?

If you have a case of anxiety disorder and want to buy Zopiclone online, you can do that from reputable online pharmacies at lower prices but with the same quality as high-end brands. When you buy this medication, make sure to use it as advised in the instruction leaflet or as advised by your pharmacist to lower the risks of any side effects.


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