5 Essential Tips for Furniture Shopping


Sydney is one of the most iconic cities in Australia. Hence, it’s no wonder many people are packing bags and moving to the east coast. So, when you are done with your housing requirements, you immediately start looking for the best furniture outlet in Sydney to find furnishings that match your decor. 

While decorating the house is exciting, you should do a bit of planning before getting started. And by following the tips mentioned, don’t miss out on anything and make your furniture project smooth and hassle-free. 

  • Set a Budget

Having a budget helps narrow down options and make purchases more organised. The average cost to furnish a home in Australia is around $10,000. However, it can be as low as $5000 or even go as high as $150,000. Therefore, your budget depends on how much you wish to spend and the type of furniture you want.

For instance, TV stands, sofas and chairs are pricey, while bookshelves and floor lamps are inexpensive. So, you can look at the average prices of each item and make a reasonable budget before your purchase. 

  • Measure the Spaces

Before you go to any furniture outlet in Sydney, you must measure the dimensions of your room. You don’t want to buy a sofa only to be disappointed when it doesn’t fit your living room. It is also not a good idea to eyeball measurements as they might be inaccurate. So, to save yourself the hassle of spending more on delivery and transportation costs, be careful about the measurements.

Also, don’t forget the hallways and doorways through which you will bring your items. Hence, outline the size of your furniture to create a plan and stay organised.

  • Focus on High-Traffic Spaces

Ideally, you should start your furniture-buying journey with high-traffic spaces rather than doing everything at once. For example, having a dinner table is a priority, so it is one of the first things you should purchase. On the other hand, you can buy furniture later for your low-use spaces, like the guest bedroom, if you don’t anticipate visitors for a while.

  • Get Design Inspiration

Not everyone is a pro at getting the furniture right for their space and may need help with decoration. You can also use various tools like photos, magazines and social media to get design inspiration.

You may also take suggestions from other homeowners. It can be helpful to visit your neighbours’ homes and get some idea about their furniture placement. And as you explore, you find new ways to style your bedroom or avoid a specific layout for your space. One more thing you can do is hire an interior designer to know what best suits your space.

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  • Determine the Quality

Before you buy furniture that fits your aesthetic, you must decide which furniture should have high-quality features and which can be managed with low-quality furniture. The quality of the furniture you want also depends on your budget and type of dwelling. 

Higher-density dwellings in Sydney tend to attract young adults with limited budgets, while separate or larger dwellings attract families or prospective families with more affordability. 

However, spending on good-quality sofas and beds that would last several years is a wise investment decision. But you can make do with DIY composite wood dressers and bedside tables as the wear and tear are minimal on these items. 

When you go furniture shopping, ensure you take advantage of holiday sales. Usually, you get the best discounts in January, February and August as retailers move the old stock and bring in new collections. Also, ask the salesperson if the price is negotiable so that you get a good bang for your buck.


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