20 Best Tarot Questions You Should Ask


Finding decent questions for something as considerably essential as your tarot readings might be a challenge if you’re even a tiny bit like me (I can never think of more than one question to ask in a job interview). Asking questions that will genuinely help you go ahead in life rather than slow you down is essential if you want to obtain productive answers from your tarot reading.

I frequently felt like I was wasting time and effort trying to think of thoughtful questions to ask during a tarot card reading since I couldn’t think of them at the moment. That’s why I spent some quality time compiling a long list of questions to use as a springboard for your own creative Tarot card questioning.

I’m hoping that my list will do the same for your reading. Later in this essay, I’ll provide the specific methods I use to generate interesting tarot questions, as well as the kinds of questions you should steer clear of.

  1. Where would it be best for me to draw the line in terms of temptations?
  2. Which manufactured or tarot card printer is using for the tarot cards?
  3. What should I do first if I woke up tomorrow with no worries?
  4. What should I do often to increase my sense of vitality?
  5. In what ways may I encourage my own spiritual development?
  6. Please tell me the one thing I did wrong that I should never do again.
  7. When I feel like I’m surrounded by bad vibes, what’s a good thought I may have?
  8. What do I have in front of me that I have not yet taken use of?
  9. What is my greatest strength?
  10. Please tell me where I may get the most serenity.
  11. What would you suggest I do with a year of freedom to accomplish everything I’ve ever wanted?
  12. What is it that’s keeping me from achieving my greatest ambition?
  13. When the same time comes next year, where will I be?
  14. Is there anything I can do right now that will help fix some aspect of the world’s problems?
  15. Is there anything I can improve upon?
  16. When my thoughts become chaotic, what can I do to restore order?
  17. Exactly what is it that I need to quit avoiding?
  18. In what ways should I focus my gratitude?
  19. Is there anything terrifying that I should do?
  20. Might you give me any advice on how I can improve our relationship?

How should questions be posed during tarot readings?

I’m hoping that you’ve found some insight and motivation from my list of 101 tarot questions to utilise in your own readings. In case you’re interested in coming up with some useful questions on your own, I’ll now go into the most efficient ways to frame queries for your tarot cards. If you want to ask insightful questions of the tarot, remember that open-endedness is key.

Questions that start with “what,” “where,” “how,” or “when” are the greatest starting points for this kind of investigation. If you ask a question beginning with these words, it will nearly always be of a deep enough nature that your response will be insightful.

Please refer to the following infographic that I’ve designed to see some prime instances of both excellent and “poor” tarot question types in action: In order to get the most out of your first encounter with tarot cards, it is crucial that you know what kinds of inquiries are most effective.

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It is essential to lay a firm groundwork from the very beginning in order to set yourself up for future success in tarot reading, and one way to do this is to ask the right questions. If you can’t do it right the first time, it’s important not to be too hard on yourself since practise makes perfect. In addition, while drafting proper tarot questions, it is necessary to keep in mind that they should have a proactive position. This is something that should be kept in mind throughout the whole process. When you are thinking about questions to ask, you should avoid getting into a “victimized” frame of mind. This will help you avoid the uncomfortable sense of being dependent on the answer to a question.


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