3 Best-Performing Content Ideas On TikTok

TikTok Flatfitty
TikTok Flatfitty

What made TikTok so famous in such a short period? We may thank the COVID-19 epidemic for part of its success. During the early months, viewers who found themselves spending excessive time at home began viewing more short-term videos and seeking stuff with high-quality graphics and storytelling techniques.

As a global trend, users of mobile devices are spending a growing amount of time on videos, social apps, and games. TikTok satisfies two of these criteria by providing an entertainment and social networking platform. Thus, it continues to beat rival applications and permits personal expression, at least for now.

If you’re considering using this platform to market your business or brand, there are some TikTok content ideas on which to concentrate your efforts. Consider three of the most famous and advantageous choices.

  1. Entertainment Videos
  2. Dance Videos
  3. Lifehacks Videos

Entertainment Videos

With almost 14 billion hashtag views, entertainment is a famous category on TikTok. It is a broad category that encompasses anything from music to fun entertainment.

Entertainment, as a distinct category from the hashtag, got over 536 billion views by mid-2020. As a result, there is a sizable market of consumers that consume this video stuff regularly.

Entertainment may appear to be a complex area to get into if you’re looking to utilize TikTok for business purposes. However, there is sufficient possibility to incorporate affiliate marketing into these videos by contacting TikTok entertainment celebrities with sizable followings.

You may build affiliate links to your every item and distribute them to TikTok users via TikTok. The influencer then earns a commission when one of their fans clicks on the clickable link and purchases.

Collaboration with influencers is advantageous since their audiences are already established. If you were to market your items from scratch, it would take an excessive amount of time to develop a strong reputation with your current fans and gain new ones. If you discover a TikTok influencer you wish to connect with, you may send them a DM using the app.

Dance Videos

TikTok began as a platform for dancing and singing, and dance remains a famous genre. The hashtag has surpassed 310 billion views, and dance videos routinely rank among the most popular subjects on social media.

Dance may not seem like the most obvious area to market your business. Unless you provide entertainment or exercise services, it may appear strange. However, dancing TikTokers are among the platform’s most popular users. As a result, you may form relationships in which influencers promote your products through dance routines.

For instance, if your brand produces apparel or other wearable items, you might reach out to prominent TikTok users and ask them to include your products into daily routines. It may appear in the video’s backdrop if you’re marketing another tangible object, such as art or furniture. Additionally, you may make your dancing videos to promote your items, particularly if you have a sizable TikTok following.

Lifehacks Videos

The lifehacks hashtag encompasses tips and techniques from virtually any area imaginable. For instance, TikTok members guide everything from correctly squeezing lemons to flying in economy class more comfortably.

More than 36 billion people have viewed the #lifehacks category. While most hacks are lighthearted or silly, there are many opportunities to provide insightful advice.

For instance, you might discuss modest tactics for optimizing the SEO of your social media channels or community management techniques that your brand uses to differentiate itself in its sector. The trick is to consider what keeps your site or business distinctive and what advice you can provide that is not available elsewhere. With a bit of imagination, you can make compelling content that generates interest in your brand and buy hearts on TikTok to improve your following rate promptly.

These life hacks video content are often brief and concise. TikTok presently allows you to produce video content of up to 3 minutes in length, which means you won’t have much opportunity to elaborate on your ideas or provide examples. It implies that you’ll want to consider how you can offer your videos straightforwardly and engagingly. You could even want to divide any suggestions into a series of short video content that TikTok users can watch individually or in sequence.


I hope you have learnt great ideas to create TikTok content effectively. Grab these amazing TikTok content ideas before you create content on the platform.


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