5 signs you need a kitchen upgrade


The kitchen is likely the most loved room in a home. It’s not just a place where you cook meals. But one where you host your friends, have conversations over a glass of wine, and exchange stories about the day. It’s where you can melt your stress away by cooking up a storm or find comfort in the smell of something being baked in your oven. But how often do you think about a kitchen upgrade?

Having a clean and functional kitchen speaks volumes about the character of a home. You would agree that a clean, stylish kitchen elicits compliments and makes the home appear warmer and more welcoming. On the other hand, a messy one can cause confusion, irritation, and take away from the joy of cooking and enjoying a delicious meal.

Over the course of time, a kitchen may undergo changes. It might begin to lack storage space, become too cluttered or your family may outgrow it – both in size and style. It might face wear and tear to the point of needing a remodel. Most homeowners make changes as and when required – perhaps an appliance needs changing or a new cupboard is needed. However, at least a couple of times in your life, giving your kitchen a brand new look is ideal. This keeps it relevant, trendy, and in keeping with your ever-changing needs and lifestyle.

Kitchen Upgrade – 5 signs you need one: 

1. Not enough storage space

One of the many problems that you as a homeowner may face is a lack of storage space. Have you ever searched for a place to empty out your grocery shopping, only to find overflowing pantries or cabinets which are stuffed to the brim? 

When there isn’t enough storage space, people resort to leaving items on countertops. This takes up the workspace and leaves your kitchen looking and feeling less functional. You wouldn’t want that to happen now, would you? It’s time to consider updating your kitchen cabinetry if you come across frequent storage issues.

2. Countertop clutter

Countertop clutter is another common issue. It starts off with a few appliances being placed on top of the counter for easier access, but over time, utensils, too, are left behind. An unkept countertop can make a kitchen look unappealing and dysfunctional. Therefore, always make sure to have a free and open countertop, this creates accessible space and even enables quicker food preparation. So, if you feel like your kitchen countertop is small or crowds easily you might need to make a few changes.  

3. Damage and Wear 

Regular use of a kitchen, over a period of time leads to wear and tear. Initially, you need to undertake minor maintenance issues like peeling paint, even cracks on the wall. But, water leakage can add to your woes and make maintaining a kitchen a nightmare.

If you don’t keep water damage in check, water from a leaking refrigerator or from faulty plumbing can go on to affect various areas of your kitchen. It isn’t pleasant to cook in a kitchen with damp walls and moldy cabinets. Your appliances can rust, short-circuit or malfunction when exposed to moisture continuously. If not treated properly, you’ll begin to find fungus accumulating on hardware after a while, which isn’t a pleasant sight nor is it hygienic. 

However small the damage, tend to it. Don’t wait for your kitchen to fall apart, to consider a kitchen upgrade.

4. Outdated appliances 

Appliances in a kitchen make food preparation much quicker and easier. If you love gadgets, you’ll find plenty of them to invest in. If an appliance isn’t functional or is outdated, replace them with new ones after a few years. This would reduce the risk of household dangers. You will also be keeping your kitchen looking smart and trendy and of course, make food preparation fun. 

5. Bad Kitchen Layout

Finding it difficult to navigate around the kitchen without bumping into equipment? One of the most likely reasons for this is due to the bad layout of your kitchen. A bad kitchen layout can leave a kitchen feeling smaller and cramped. This could be because of the disorderly placement of furniture or it could just be the layout of the kitchen. Sometimes, even though everything is in place, due to the bad layout, a kitchen might seem unorganized. 

Additionally, if more than one person tries to enter the kitchen, getting around is difficult due to the constricted space.

Remember that nobody expects a kitchen to stay in mint condition forever. But damage beyond normal conditions needs to be addressed. It could start with minor replacements and may lead to major renovations. But, if you feel out of place when you enter your kitchen, it might be a sign that you need to upgrade to a more progressive kitchen. A professional modular kitchen company would be able to help you envision what your new kitchen can look like with a free 3D design before work begins. 

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