4 Ways to Use an Exotic Car to Impress a Woman

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Want to impress your date? Or looking forward to the first date with the woman of your dreams? Well, roll up your sleeves gentlemen, for you urgently need to up your luxury quotient. Don’t you want to pamper your lady?

Contact one of the best exotic rentals in your city now. Rent a luxury car. Yes, you read that right.

Dating experts have observed that luxury cars such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, or Porsche carry an innate ability to attract the female species. You can avoid the Nissan and Hummer brands. They don’t do much to the female minds in general (exceptions are always there).

So, if you love her from the infinite depths of your heart (well, why are we so poetic here!), then rent a Rolls Royce or any luxury car today.

Imagine pulling over in a grand Rolls Royce to pick your date – you are all set to sweep her off the floor!

She will feel so pampered and special!

Here are 4 ways you can use your luxury car to further impress her:

  1. Show your comfort level with luxury

Show her how comfortable you are driving the luxury-on-wheels. She must know you are comfy with high-end things and have a lavish taste in life.

For that, before you take off with your swanky model, check the exteriors and interiors. Ask the rental officials in case you have any doubt about operating the car. Become comfortable with it before you show it off to your date.

This way, you won’t fumble with the buttons on the dashboard while your date stares at you wondering what’s with you.

  1. Keep up the speed limit

No guy can impress a girl through his reckless driving. Unless you are on the race track, refrain from the temptation of speeding just to show off your driving prowess.

Be calm. Be cool. Drive around the city, following all traffic rules and speed limits. Let her enjoy being in the lap of luxury in a relaxed manner, instead of clutching her seat in horror.

Remember, you also need to return the car to the exotic car rental in Deer Park, NY, in the same top shape as you took it in.

  1. Stop at her favorite places

She, too, may want to show off the date and the car, right? So, if she insists, readily drive to her favorite hangouts. Or you could stop over at the street stalls and relish some street food with her. Don’t miss those men eyeing you with envy – you got the car and the girl! At the same time, be ready to get admiring glances from other girls, as they check out your car…and you.

That’s what you get when you contact your nearest exotic car rentals to impress your date.

  1. Take her on a long drive

Long drives in a luxury car feel like heaven. Take a scenic drive to Finger Lakes at Route 41 and 41A. Or you could take her to a drive to Prospect Mountain, one of the favorite drives of New Yorkers.


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