5 Ways To Style Your Bodywear


You don’t have to spend a fortune on swimwear. You can find some great deals on Australian swimwear online, at outlet stores and even in the sale section of your favourite store. 

It’s also possible to get really creative with your bodywear and make it look stylish by pairing it with other items from your wardrobe. Here are 5 ways you can style your swimwear this summer.

Matching Swimwear Sets

The most stylish of all bodywear is matching swimwear sets. If you’re wearing a matching set, it’s best to keep everything else simple and complimentary. 

A cover-up or shorts are the best options when wearing a matching swimwear set because they will bring attention to your head-to-toe look without overpowering it. You can also try jeans if you prefer keeping things casual but going for that cool guy vibe.

Monochrome Magic

Monochrome swimwear is a classic and easy way to look great. The style is simple, but it can still be exciting and different—it just takes a bit of planning! Monochrome pieces can be matched with neutral accessories.

You could also wear them with bright pops of colour like red lipstick, bright nail polish or sunglasses to match your monochromatic bikini. Monochrome swimwear is so versatile that it’s perfect for any occasion where you want to show off your tan!

Wear With A Cover-Up

Wearing a cover-up makes you look more stylish and is a great way to hide your swimwear while still looking fashionable. Wearing a cover-up can be used to make a statement, especially if it’s bold or colourful.

You can protect your swimwear by wearing it over your clothes and then removing the cover-up before putting on sunscreen or going into the water. You can match your swimwear with an accessory like jewellery or sunglasses by matching them with the colour of your cover-up.

Mixed Prints

When you’re getting ready to style your swimwear, be sure to consider a mixed print. A good way to do this is by mixing patterns, colours and textures. One of the best ways to ensure that your printed pieces work well together is by looking for prints that complement each other.

Alternatively, you can look for contrasting prints that will add interest and divert attention from any flaws you may have on certain areas of your body, such as tummy rolls or cellulite. If these don’t suit how you want to present yourself personally, then try picking out similar styles from different brands or designers, so they all match one another rather than clash with one another!

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Clashing Colours

To ensure that you don’t look like a walking traffic light, it’s best to avoid clashing colours altogether. If you do want to wear two contrasting colours, keep the shades and textures similar; 

If you’re going for something more subtle, try wearing two different tones of the same colour (such as navy) or two different textures (velvet versus suede). Or if your bodywear is already monochrome in style (think pencil skirts), then simply switching up your accessories, like a red scarf against a black top, will give your outfit a whole new lease of life.

In the end, remember that all bodywear is created equal. You know there are a lot of options out there, and you want to be able to find something that fits your style and comfort level. 


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