5 Best Patek Philippe Watches at the 2022 Watches & Wonders

5 Best Patek Philippe Watches at the 2022 Watches & Wonders

The latest trade show of the international Watches & Wonders held in Geneva has once again exceeded all of our expectations. Showcasing the spirit of great craftsmanship and innovative designs, all of the leading watch brands in the world have offered us their new advances in their respective house of watchmaking. But today, we will look specifically at Patek Philippe’s most recent entry to this world-renowned event. 

As we all know, this watchmaking brand has been crowned several times in history by connoisseurs worldwide for its unmatched expertise and continuous innovative work in creating the perfect watch for its patrons. The brand presents its newest creations, like the Patek Calatrava, Patek Complications, and more in the recent convention in Geneva. These elegant wristwatches will once again elevate the level of competition in the watchmaking industry.

1. Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Travel Time

As another showstopper in the recent event, the new Annual Calendar Travel Time watch has flawlessly combined the unique design, decorative features, and watchmaking artistry. Patek Philippe created a picture-perfect luxury watch for everyday use. Because of their endless passion for innovation, the brand combined the annual calendar and travel time display, making it a helpful yet stylish travel companion for everyone. And by injecting a touch of vintage vibe and elegant look at their design, this watch has been an instant crowd favorite in the said event. 

Its Calatrava case was made of white gold with a hobnail design that makes it classier compared to others. The bold dial of the Annual Calendar Travel Time watches suits very well with its charcoal gray background that gives a warm ambiance and a retro style mixed with a modern look. With this creative design, Patek Philippe proves to us again their dominance in creating luxurious timepieces. 

2. Patek Philippe 5205R Complications

This annual calendar watch, with its original contemporary dark green hue, has been enhanced by sophisticated architecture that is purely polished by the hands of the company’s master craftsman. It has clear and visible annual calendar indicators inside the rose gold casing that enhance the slightest detail of the watch. 

And with its see-through sapphire crystal at the back, every user can always admire the complicated yet harmonious movement of the self-winding and annual calendar mechanism of this luxury wristwatch. It also has reliable black leather as a strap to give maximum comfort and durability and square scales as a design to make it look more marvelous and polished for everyone’s eye.

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3. Patek Philippe 5230 World Time

Since its initial release in 2016 and as a descendant of the company’s world-time watch during the 1930s, the Patek Philippe’s 5230 proves its worth as a go-to luxurious watch. It is even adored by people who dare to travel to different parts of the world. At the Watches & Wonders 2022, the Patek 5230 has evolved into a much-appreciated platinum case and a calming blue dial to make it look more vibrant and refined. The calfskin blue straps with a platinum buckle ensure its resilience in any environment without compromising the style and comfort.

This watch uses a mechanical system that has an incremental hourly time adjustment synchronized with different cities of the world. This feature makes it a reliable partner when traveling outside your country. With this option on your watch, traveling is a lot easier.

4. Patek Philippe Complication Minute Repeater and Perpetual Calendar

The Grand Complication Minute Repeater and Perpetual Calendar watches are some of the most lavish entries in the latest 2022 Watches & Wonders event. The Patek Philippe 5374 completely merges both mechanical achievements of a minute repeater and perpetual calendar in one extraordinary watch. 

The classical and opulent style of a platinum case of diamonds stands out on its own and brings a luxurious beauty to everyone who wears this wristwatch. It also has a refined alligator strap with an 18k gold tang buckle to add to its extravagance. With its self-winding mechanism, it harnesses energy through the everyday motion of the wearer’s wrist. This makes it more useful with less trouble of changing the battery in the future. 

5. Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5320G

It was first launched in 2017, but the brand has introduced another 5320G re-adjustments and developments. Bringing the spectacular salmon hue dial in a sparkling white gold casing, this watch will be everyone’s favorite in no time. 

As a perpetual calendar watch, you only need to adjust its mechanism every 122 years to make its day, date, and month display as accurately as possible. Just like the other Patek Philippe luxury watch above, it is a self-winding or automatic watch that everyone will fall in love with. 

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Those are some of the best Patek Philippe watch entries on the recent Watches & Wonders 2022. The brand has been known for its incredible watchmaking history since the 1800s and has established itself again as one of the most sought luxury watches today. If you want to check out more Patek Philippe watches or other luxury watches, visit WatchShopping.com for more options.


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