What Are The Types Of SharePoint Sites? Which One Is The Best?

What Are The Types Of SharePoint Sites? Which One Is The Best?

Microsoft has been introducing tools to enhance the performance of the organization. The main aim is to provide a seamless workflow with great features and functionalities. SharePoint is one of its tools for users. 

The main challenge is to choose the best one from the various options available in SharePoint. Be it SharePoint communication site, team site, classic site, or modern site. As a user, you should be aware of its pros and cons to make the right decision. 

We will be helping you to access each one of them in this content piece and help you grow your business with the correct choice. 

What is SharePoint? 

It is a website-based tool that helps ensure a seamless workflow in the organization by empowering them to work together in real-time. SharePoint lets the organization control access to information and automate some tasks if required.

Microsoft has introduced many capabilities with cloud applications to make it accessible from anywhere and at any time. Did you know over 85% of the Fortune 500 organizations use SharePoint? A list of a few reasons to use SharePoint are:

  • It provides a flexible and simple site management structure 
  • SharePoint is easily integrated with Microsoft, eases the workflow 
  • External users can be  invited to use or view items, folders, lists, and libraries 
  • With the correct permissions, you have the freedom to select the access of other users on your information
  • It has good compliance, security, and governance options to manage sensitive information 

What are the different types of SharePoint Site?

Before you begin the journey, let us look at the SharePoint Hub Sites vs. SharePoint Team Site vs. Communication Site: Key Differences:

1. SharePoint Team Site 

This allows the members to collaborate on events, projects, and ideas by staying connected. On the team site home page, you have the collection of links to the team files, pages, web apps, and the recent changes in the activity feed. 

You get to communicate with the team members and partners to manage tasks, track events, and share reports. Some unique features of this site are:

  • Easy External Sharing: Many organizations deal with communicating, collaborating, and sharing documents with clients, customers, or vendors. This feature of SharePoint online helps to share the content with external users. They can track, control, and report the content to external users. As an owner, you can provide access only to view, download, or share. 
  • Planner Integration: Managing tasks is crucial, and you need an efficient team that has access to everything at a central location. With the SharePoint team site, you can manage the tasks and content from one place. 
  • Cross-Device Usability: This is a great advantage of using the team site that your content can be accessed from any device. All that you need is an internet connection. SharePoint allows infrastructure to style the content based on various devices. 

2. SharePoint Communication Site

It is a one-way information-sharing platform that aims to share information in an organization. It is known to be ideal for Human Resources Management, where employees can only view the recent updates in the organization. 

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SharePoint provides great layouts to make this site visually appealing. Just know that they are not linked with Teams, Outlook, or Planner. Some noteworthy features of the SharePoint Communication Site are:

  • Document Libraries: This aims to share and store the files between members of the communication site. Users can edit, create, share, and manage crucial documents from a single location. It helps save time by providing all the information at a single location. 
  • Pre-Built Site Designs: You need to choose from the default site designs once you begin designing a communication site. They have web parts that make it effortless for you to plug in the content and start the journey. 
  • Hero Web Part: This feature is added by default to the site. It allows displaying five items that can be linked to other locations. The main motive is to show the content in a visually compelling format. 

3. SharePoint Project Web App Sites

It gives a collaborative space to work with the managers and track the deadlines. This SharePoint Site will store the status, communication, and other relevant information of the project in a single place. The in-store SharePoint forms are also an essential tool that helps to gather information about the users and make informative decisions

The Project website also includes project visualization templates like team calendars and planners to enhance the project management experience. It is known to be perfect to handle deadlines and collaborate efficiently with the team. 

4. SharePoint Hub Sites

They are used to showcasing, organize, and connect with various sites associated with a central location. It helps to communicate with a team and communication site to discover the news and multiple types of activities. 

This is perfect for displaying and navigating various SharePoint sites like team and communication sites. The hub site owner can define the theme and navigation. Some unique features of this SharePoint site are: 

  • It provides consistent cross-site navigation to give a smooth user-experience
  • Users can apply a consistent logo and theme to the hub and extend it to all the related sites. 
  • The search system is effortless and can be customized as per the requirement
  • It will help to optimize the activities and news 

The Final Note!

We have discussed the vital features of the SharePoint communication site, team site, project web app site, and hub site in this blog. Hoping you will have a clear idea for your business and make the right decision accordingly. 


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