A Care Guide for Your Bedside Oak Tables


The trusty old oak has been a furniture favourite material for a long time. The strength, durability, and easy-to-care tips, make oak the best choice for any furniture need. Thus, it has all the goodness you want and adds a warm touch to your interiors.

Oak is in all seasons and for all furniture categories. Are you planning on getting new hardwood bedside furniture? You can find numerous oak bedside tables that fit and add flair to your bedrooms.

Its versatility, however, also asks for more care and maintenance. Here’s all you will need to know.

Why Choose Oak for your Bedside Table?

Besides, here are 4 reasons to stick to oak.

  • Strength and Durability

A good oak table can last up to 10 to 15 years without any signs of ageing. Moreover, this strong, dense wood has natural resistance towards rot and survives pest and termite infestations better than other woods.

  • Versatility

Due to its versatility, oak makes its way into numerous furniture categories. Besides, they can be easily coloured to match your bedroom aesthetics as they are quite porous and easy to stain.

  • Easy Care

Unlike metal or glass that dent, rust, or break easily, wood offers a better solution that is easy to maintain. Moreover, oak is porous and can be easily sanded and stained to keep it looking fresh and new.

  • Unique Look

Each oak tree results in distinct wooden patterns that are special in their own way. With an oak selection by your bedside, you can maintain the uniqueness and beauty of your room. Every piece is genuinely artistic on its own.

8 Care Tips for Your Oak Tables

Your high-quality, fancy oak bedside table can do a lot for you. But what must you do to keep it warm and strong?

Well, you can easily ensure that your favourite oak tables radiate the same warmth and strength. Here are some simple care tips that you can follow:

  • Wax your oak tables every 6 months to save the shine and seal the wood grain from cracks and soaking stains. The wax stain forms a protective layer as well.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your oak tables, as excess drying can lead to quicker cracks and dullness.
  • Wipe your oak bedside tables with a damp cloth every week to keep them spotless.
  • Clean up any spills immediately, as oak can easily absorb stains, making them permanent. You can use dry clothes or paper towels to soak up any spills.
  • Avoid using strong cleaners with harsh chemicals, as they can fade the wood and remove the protective coating.
  • Moisturise your oak tables every once a month with furniture oil or wax. This keeps your tables waterproof and crack-free.
  • Use coaster and heat pads while resting hot food or drinks on the oak surface. This keeps the oak safe and avoids forming ring stains on the tables.
  • Seal any nicks or scratches with markers or putties to keep the newness intact.

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On the Whole

Usually, a lot goes beyond choosing and maintaining hardwood furniture. However, a few good decisions and some dedicated maintenance can help to keep your hardwood new and sustained.

Oak has long been a top hardwood option used for centuries to make different kinds of furniture. The warm, woody hue adds to your bedroom’s cosy environment and is easy to care for.

Well, your oak bedside tables age beautifully and more if you rightly care for them. Remember to follow these cleaning tips to keep your oaks and folks happy.


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