7 Tips To Renovate Your Home

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What are the dreams that accompany the purchase or renovate your old house? Or the possibility that we might live in the home of our grandparents? Both cases are possible because we can already imagine them.

It is the renovation that can make your dreams come true and create a home far different from what you had envisioned. The beginning of a journey where you must be careful and dedicated, and not just to entrust your hopes and money to technicians and strangers, but also to prepare for the pitfalls that await. There will be many questions and doubts that will arise during the process.

These are just a few of the questions that you will need to answer.

You will have the answers at your fingertips or better yet, you can prevent them from happening by giving the correct information to all companies involved in the project. It will be easier to avoid answering questions under pressure or without fully considering the issue. You run the risk of losing your job, losing time and money, and finding yourself in a house that is not what you want.

The heating system

Although it is a common assumption that your house will be heated, you may not realize how. First, you must assess the feasibility of heating an environment. Then you need to consider the impact it will have on the overall appearance of the home.

Radiant floor systems must be installed at a height that allows radiant panels to be placed on top of the slab.

Even the most basic wall plate heating system must be planned carefully. The radiators will cover areas of walls where it is not possible to place furniture and can’t be positioned (except for special precautions) on walls within which doors will be stored. 

You will need to assess whether you are looking for an air conditioner, either of the industrial loft style or exposed ducted type. It is important to determine if the ceiling height allows pipes to be attached, particularly if beams are present that can lower the ceiling.

Ventilation channels must reach all environments. Even the smallest, could lead to ugly images, not unlike those featured in trade magazines. A false ceiling can be used to solve the problem. It can adjust to the height of the environment and can also serve as an aesthetic solution. The ceiling can only be lowered to a certain height.

The floor

Because it creates the ambiance and style for the apartment, the floor is “the fundamental choice” in the renovation. There are many options for cement tiles, resin, parquet, and porcelain stoneware. It is important to remember that the floor is not just a matter of taste. If you don’t take timely action, you may be forced to choose another option.

The substrate must have different physical characteristics depending upon the floor purchase. It is also clear that the decorative resin should be a thickness of 1-3mm. This will make the cement tiles 20mm in length, and 30mm in the case of marble. A common tile, however, has a thickness between 7-7mm. -9 mm. If the company is not present on-site, it will prepare the substrate for the second option.

The kitchen

You should never take anything for granted, even the most beloved room in your home. You may be surprised at the surprises you get when you visit the retailer expecting to find the kitchen of your dreams. But, if we have taken some precautions, we might not have the best results.

The kitchen is a hub of many systems. It is important to have a few electrical sockets and a water pipe ready to go.

It is a good idea to take the floor plan to the store before the electrician and plumber enter the kitchen. Then, you can return home with a detailed diagram of the preparations. If you are creating an island or peninsula kitchen, this is especially true. For gas, electricity, and water to flow under the floor, they will need to emerge exactly where they are needed.

The lighting

It is important to light your home well. This will not only make it look better but also increase the sense of well-being you have. This involves thinking about the space and deciding where to place the spotlights, appliques, accent or atmosphere lights, etc.

If you wish to lighten the TV and sofa area by using spotlights recessed into the false ceiling, you won’t be able to just leave a light point on the roof. You will also need to adjust the structure of your false ceiling so that crosspieces don’t prevent you from positioning the spotlights following the scheme and at the required distances. 4.

You will also need an access point to insert and replace the transformer, or other equipment, if you are looking to make light cuts using colored LED strips. This could cause space to be created that is not as beautiful or personal as you imagined.

It is important to have lengthy conversations with the electrician on the job site before any finishes are applied to the ceiling or walls.

Finishes and coatings for the walls

The finishing of walls and the wall repair is often the most neglected work in the renovation. Many people believe that they can decide at the last moment and get what they want. However, this is not always true. To apply certain finishes, the substrate needs to be prepared.

It is not necessary to paint a stone wall if you are covering it with another material. You can avoid unnecessary costs by making the decision early. Talking to your gilder might also be helpful if you are planning to finish a surface using tactile, decorative paints but fear the cost will increase.

You will often find yourself in an apartment that is old and has walls that have been painted with new paint or wallpapers with adhesives that have remained on the surface.

These walls need to be made flat and sturdy so that they can receive the color. This requires you to use expensive procedures. The cost of decorating new walls is usually less than standard treatments. However, this does not apply to them. If you want “special” walls, don’t give up until you have consulted a professional who will evaluate wall by wall and be able to satisfy your needs while keeping within your budget.

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