Does Pound Store Shaping Future Retail Trends?

Does Pound Store Shaping Future Retail Trends?

The pound store in the U.K are witnessing a huge increase in profits. The pound chain stores are recognized on price point and they are reporting record results that reflect public demand for cheap goods. The sales of these stores have risen because the wage growth has not been to keep up with the increasing consumer inflation. An increasing number of the public are visiting pound stores for their weekly shopping. It is a big opportunity for people because groceries are considered the fourth biggest expense among millions of households.

According to research studies, though most customers who earlier visited a wholesale pound store belonged to the working class, nowadays many customers belong to the group of white-collar professionals.

Retail trends are changing constantly. Retail is a fluid industry wherein supply is dictated by demand. Most of the retail trends are influenced majorly by the growth of pound lines and discount stores.

Cost Polarisation

Pound lines are a great route to save money and time. All stores have low priced products. You do not have to think which brand is better or bigger because all the goods at priced at pound.

The pricing structure benefits the retailers. The business model is quite simple: buy in bulk and buy cheap. The calculations here are easy as there is no price variation. There is no staff who shall customer queries or discount stock at the day’s end. This saves money and time.


The sleeping hours of an average person has reduced from 9 hours daily to 6.9 hours. People are busy and awake for a longer duration and they want to buy products conveniently. Even if the stores are open till 8 P.M., they shall find customers who are arriving late at night from work. Sunday has become an important day for shopping.

Amalgamation of outlets

These days, consumers want everything efficiently and quickly. People are spoilt by shopping malls and superstores. They do not want to hop to different markets for different products. Pound stores sell a wide range of products from different places. This aspect is more likely to attract buyers.

Reduced internet competition

As against the big selling items such as electronic goods, pound lines face very little competition from online marketplaces. Many retail shops have been closed down because of internet competition. Most of the retail shops have been taken over by Pound Lines.

Economies of scale

The growth of pound stores has encouraged many manufacturers to consider producing mainly for them. Manufacturers are prepared to produce products that can fit into the Pound model. The growth of these shops has allowed them to get internal economies of scale when they grow thus resulting in low average costs.

Wide range of products

Most pound stores sell a wide range of products, whether it is stationary or household items. They offer a great opportunity for money conscious buyers as they believe in affordable shopping. These factors have made pound shops become the favourite shopping destination for people who want to buy something.

Online options

You will be surprised to see the huge variety and quality of goods that you can choose from a wholesale pound store. You can keep checking the website of your pound store regularly so that you can grab the best wholesale clearance deals. By subscribing to their newsletters you shall remain informed about the latest deals.


The pound stores have a self-service option. Due to this facility, customers do not have to queue for buying goods. Self-service is becoming highly prevalent in all shopping outlets. Retail stores and supermarkets are increasing using self-service options because it can enhance throughput minus enhancing staff cost.

Focus on women

Retailers are understanding that women represent a significant part of the population. Advertising focuses a lot on men with little focus on women. Marketing should reflect women because women scour through the wholesale clearance in pound shops like men.

So, if you have not visited a pound store, this is the right time. They have a huge stock of reputable and branded household products on their shelves. When you look at them carefully, you shall see these products are products that shall cost you more when purchased from other suppliers.  These shops are shaping the future of retail stores in a big way. Buyers are becoming accustomed to the wide range of features they offer.

The stores are helpful for price-conscious buyers. If you are one among them then you should check out a pound line shop. You can make huge savings daily by opting for wholesale clearance once you are willing to shop around. The pound stores are rising and rising with each passing day.


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