Different Christmas Cakes That You Must Try Once

Christmas Cakes

Christmas is just around the corner, and are you ready to prepare a yummilicious Christmas cake this year? Well, if you haven’t thought about this, then we have brought you some lip-smacking cakes around the world that you can prepare for Christmas. Christmas is the festival when you exchange gifts, have a feast, attend Christmas carols and prayer service and enjoy the day with family and friends. We also love to send cake online to our people who cannot come home for Christmas eve. And to send cakes to our dear and near ones, we look for reliable online cake delivery apps. Because preparing and sending a cake is not an easy task. But, for the family and friends present there, you can win their hearts with your baking skills this Christmas. Hence, we have brought different Christmas cakes like fruit cake, sponge cake and many more such that you must bake at least once. So, today under this blog, you will learn about the Christmas cakes but not about the recipes. The recipes are pretty simple and readily available on the net. So, let’s have a look.

Panettone From Italy

Panettone is a spongy fruit cake made in the 20th century in Europe in a cup-shaped cake pan. People of Italy, Europe love to devour this cake during the Christmas season. It is a sponge cake-like any other cake, nothing new or nothing extra to do. Just the shape varies. During Christmas, this cake is served with wine in Italy.

Mochi From Japan

Mochi is a traditional Japanese cake that is made of rice paste. The rice flour is mixed with water and cooked until the right consistency is prepared. Then it is taken in the mould of the shape you desire and then served with powdered sugar and chocolate flakes. So, if you are thinking of adding this cake to your Christmas then it would be amazing.

Dundee Cake From The United Kingdom

This cake is known for its rich taste and amazing appearance. It is a much-loved cake by the people of the UK. The almonds are placed in a circle that makes them look amazing. This is also a fruit cake that people serve at Christmas time but, what makes it different is whisky, orange zest and almonds mixed in the cake batter. So, you can even prepare this easy-to-make cake and serve it to your family and friends this Christmas eve.

Pan De Pascua From Chile

The name ‘Pas De Pascua’ means Easter bread but, this cake is traditionally served on Christmas by the people of Chile. It is a fusion cake, made of rum and fruit cake. If you ever visit Chile during Christmas time, they will traditionally serve you Pan De Pascua and boozy holiday coffee ‘Cola De Mono’ as a complete meal.

Galette Des Rois From France

Galette De Rois has gained much popularity in a few years, and therefore, it is served the whole winter season and not just on Christmas. But before, this pastry puff was just served during the late Christmas season or on New Year. It is made of butter puff pastry, filled with almond paste, served with powdered sugar. This has unique flavours that are loved a lot, and therefore, many people from continents have started baking this cake on Christmas.

Revani From Turkey

Revani is the festive dessert that you can find in Turkey. Baklava is the most famous dessert of Turkey but, in the festive season, you would see people devouring Revani. It is a moist cake that is made of orange syrup, lemon syrup and semolina. The liquid ingredients make it more moist and soft to serve. So, what are your thoughts on this? Would you like to serve Revani to your friends and family during Christmas eve?

Christmas is the festival of smiles, the red colour and chill winters, overcoats and hot chocolate, smiling Santa to exclusive gifts, this is how we define this festive season. Christmas is the festival of cakes, and in such a holiday season, you can devour as many cakes as you want to keep the diet aside. So, the above-mentioned cakes are delicious and easy to gallop. What are your thoughts on it? Would you like to add these cakes to your Christmas feast? We believe you should. So, try baking them. Merry Christmas!


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