Different Clothing And Protective Gear Required In Cricket

Different Clothing And Protective Gear Required In Cricket

Today in this digital era, we are all thankful for the advanced and innovative technology that has made it possible for all cricket players to participate in a cricket fantasy league. But, unfortunately, in today’s busy life, we do not have enough time to play real cricket with our friends or family members. But still, we can enjoy playing it online with the help of an online sports app. These apps allow cricket fans to display their skills online and create their own fantasy cricket teams on the app itself.

Also, we do not have time to watch our favorite cricket matches, but we can get every cricket match live update with a cricket app. Being a cricket fan, you want to know everything about cricket. But there are various other things that you should know as a cricket fan. Do you have proper knowledge about the clothing and protective gear used by players while playing cricket matches? Of course, you probably know about a few things but not everything. So, the following are clothing and protective gears required in cricket that every cricket fan should know about:

Cricket Jersey –

There are different types of jerseys or t-shirts cricket players wear, such as collared t-shirts, v-neck, round-neck t-shirts, and sweaters in winters. The name and number of every player are mentioned on every t-shirt. The sleeves of the jersey depend on climate change or each player’s preference. The jersey’s theme, color, and design depend on the different formats of cricket matches; for example, in test matches, cricket players have to wear a white jersey.

Full-length cricket trousers –

Every player has to wear full-length trousers while playing the matches. Trousers’ color matches the color of the jersey, for example, white color trousers for test matches. 

Cricket cap or hat –

Cricket players can wear a cricket cap or hat as per their preference or protect themselves from the direct sunlight so that their focus cannot be distracted. 

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Spiked shoes –

Spiked shoes are best for athletes. And cricketers also have to wear spiked shoes to add more traction while running. Many professional cricketers prefer wearing spiked shoes as they are very comfortable. 

Cricket Helmet –

A cricket helmet is a protective gear used by the batters and fielders to protect their heads. It may be possible that the ball can accidentally hit the cricketer’s head; in this case, a helmet can help protect themselves. 

Cricket Gloves –

Every cricket player wears cricket gloves while playing the match. Cricket gloves protect the palm, wrist, and fingers while batting and catching the ball. Also, batters wear gloves because it makes them comfortable to hold the bat grip; otherwise, the bat can slip from their hands without gloves. 

Cricket batting pads –

Batters wear cricket pads to protect their legs from accidental injury. In addition, cricket pads protect legs from hurting by protecting the shin bone.

So, these are the clothing and protective gear or accessories that cricketers use while playing cricket matches. So, if you are a big cricket fan, you know about these clothing and protective accessories required in cricket.


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