Exploring Angel Investors – Who Are They and What Do They Do


Finance entrepreneurs are taking on complex challenges in their lives. 

They are using their knowledge and experience to explore new ideas and make revolutionary changes. The most successful entrepreneurs are often inventing new processes for managing their businesses. They are rethinking the way they do things at every stage. This helps them find creative solutions to problems and helps them change their organizations to stay ahead of competition.

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Entrepreneurial finance involves a broad range of skills including risk management, negotiating, creative problem-solving and a keen eye for value.

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Entrepreneurial finance also encompasses a wide range of venture capital activities such as mergers and acquisitions, funding business ventures, business development and management, and securing investors and partners. Entrepreneurial finance entrepreneurs are drawn to new opportunities that present themselves with enough potential for profit and are usually ready to risk investing a substantial amount of money to get their idea or product to market. They do so knowing that, if things fail, they will have a ready made exit strategy.

In contrast to angel investors, venture capital firms typically provide seed capital.

They require a significant initial financial commitment. However, venture capitalists are willing to listen to more than just a business plan. They need solid evidence that the idea has a strong chance of generating high returns. Good finance entrepreneurs seek referrals from other venture capitalists or bankers. Referrals can be the best source of information about good investment opportunities as they know the investment banker well.

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A final type of entrepreneur is an initial public offering investor. 

These investors generally invest with a view toward acquiring a large amount of money, typically from a primary institutional buyer. They take a long term view and focus on making sure the business is able to generate profits while providing a high return to the capital investor. Other characteristics of these investors include having long term relationships with their preferred businesses and having access to credit when necessary.

The relationship between finance entrepreneurs and venture capitalists can become complicated during times of financial distress. 

As a general rule, the more distressed a business is, the more difficult it will be for an entrepreneur to secure outside capital. This is because a venture capital firm typically prefers to fund companies that have a history of success. It also does not prefer to take risks on new companies that have little to no financial history. As such, during times of financial hardship for an entrepreneur, this relationship can be strained. As such, it is important for entrepreneurs to keep in close contact with their finance investor to ensure that they are progressing toward achieving their goal.

The reason that investors make the investment in a company is based largely on two factors: 

  • A need and a return. 
  • When to choose this source of financing is an important consideration. 

This is because it often makes sense financially for entrepreneurs to look to their friends and family for financial support. However, this is not always a good idea as these types of relationships tend to result in poor financial returns.

In terms of an explanation of why an entrepreneur should consider working with an angel investor, there is really only one reason: good business sense. 

Simply put, an angel investor is someone who can provide seed money for an entrepreneur.In the same way that private investors provide seed money for new businesses, an angel investor will often provide seed money for an entrepreneur. An angel investor’s primary motivation is usually a desire to see a particular company succeed rather than simply making an investment based on pure greed. An investment in an individual serves both the personal financial needs of the individual as well as that of the company.

Finance entrepreneurs should do their best to work with multiple angel investors. 

When finance entrepreneurs have a difficult time raising capital from other sources, they may find that working with multiple investors makes it easier to raise capital. Finance entrepreneurs should understand that the most successful companies in the world typically have four things in common: strong management, an exciting product or service, high value to the customer, and a sizable customer base. If an entrepreneur can combine these four qualities with capital financing from multiple investors, their company has a much better chance of becoming successful.


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