What types of Custom Rigid Boxes can your Brand Benefit From?

Rigid Boxes

What is a Rigid Box?

The rigid box is one of the most sought-after packaging box categories. Almost all luxurious brands use rigid packaging for their expensive and soft articles.

The Custom Rigid boxes have a paper layer to keep the look throughout the launching experience.

What are the Rigid Packaging Boxes?

Custom rigid box offers all possible freedom to make personalized packaging. In addition, this custom rigid box provides exceptional protection and security. Your product remains safe when in these boxes. Furthermore, your clients can experience the most luxurious and sensational customer experience. Note that all fancy rigid boxes are derivatives from the pre-cut box.

Rigid Box Manufacturer

The top benefit of a luxurious rigid box is that the packs can adjust themselves easily. You can print everything, starting from the logo until the brand name to the silhouette of your brand image. These luxurious Rigid boxes wholesale can accommodate every aspect of the printing industry. Here are some of the main points and the benefits of rigid luxury boxes:

  • Color printing is available
  • Embossing, stamping, others.
  • No matter the area used (adjustment on all possible faces)
  • The shipping method and assembly of rigid boxes are or assembled.
  • Available in all forms and styles that you can imagine
  • The upscale finish is in your control
  • you can decorate your special rigid boxes with accessories such as ribbons etc.

Folded Magnetic Box

Folding magnet box becomes more popular now. These boxing options are cheap compared to rigid containers with magnetic closure lids. As an import company, many people can save a lot by switching to a folding magnet box. Folding rigid boxes are much easier to penetrate and easily assembled too. You don’t need a lot of time to prepare it for customers.

Rigid Packaging for Display Boxes

Unique packaging design is also accomodating. Pure white UV glazed matches their natural and friendly products. One of these rigid boxes’ most impacted designs is having an outer band in a different CMYK print.

Custom Jewelry Rigid Box

Custom jewelry rigid box is a series of designer packaging for luxury jewelry brands. The object in it is earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants. All boxes contain black velvet inserts can be removed with ease to display products.
You can customize your design with colors, logos, materials, and finish—foiling or Spot UV on the highlight of your brand using special printing paper with a color pattern. In addition, you can use the ribbon as an accessory to your rigid packaging box. This ribbon is available in all colors and tones.
We look forward to offering you customized packaging solutions.

Many different types for your convenience
However, with the assembled box, you need to remember the size of your order because your products ned to fit perfectly inside it.

  • Stiff magnet box
  • Rigid drawer box
  • Stiff box with lid
  • Folding box
  • The rigid package shipped flat
  • Rigid pop-up box

It’s better to order a gift box assembling; the average is often huge to store.

Wholesale Custom Rigid Gift Boxes

The primary use of rigid boxes is to provide elegance to the product and be suitable for impressive customers in a more sophisticated way. Create a brand image using various sizes and forms for different products.

The folded rigid box is a trend today. It’s not only easy to store, but it’s also easily assembled. Therefore, the demand is high. You can order rigid gift boxes at wholesale prices with blue box packaging.
Stiff stiff chocolate box
Use a custom rigid chocolate box to make your product on any store shelves. This rigid, stiff chocolate box provides elegance and mercy. In addition, you can add charm and significance to your product.
Your exceptional product looks more spectacular in this luxury box. However, this rigid box design depends on you. How farther are you willing to take your brand? How many meanings are this product for you?

Blue Box Packaging

The blue box packaging serves its customers than a decade. However, if you already have a design for your custom rigid packaging, the innovative packaging can make it better for you. Our experts can make your plan live as soon as you confirm your design, including your packaging that is in production. In few days, you will have your Rigid box packaging at your door.

Good packaging is crucial for your product. It provides dignity and charm along with delicious food with your product. The sky is the limit for rigid boxes when they serve many purposes in one fell swoop. Their flexibility is their strongest suit. Only your imagination can limit this luxury box. The best is you can get custom rigid boxes according to your needs and preferences.

What is the Cost of Adjustment?

Well, almost next to nothing if you order yours wholesale. Rigid box packaging, when manufactured wholesale, will leave you with a lot of options and nearly no loss in money. When you order your packages made wholesale, the cost drops to almost half what you paid before buying wholesale. The materials and customizations take less time and resources when they are being produced wholesale in a factory. The best part about this is that you can save money and invest in your business.


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