How and why can digital workplaces make an organization grow beyond social networks?


One of the most common misconceptions around digital workplaces today is that they are enterprise social networks. Why? Because this notion is probably related to the rise of solutions that are ‘out-of-the-box’ and unconventional in modus operandi providing organizations the needed internal communications channels.

These channels helped management in these companies engage with their employees and other members of the workforce as well as the management team.

Internal communications channels helps management in most firms to engage with their workforce. It helps the management team understand any grievances the employees have and vice versa. Slack, Facebook’s Workplace and Microsoft Teams have indicated the importance of internal communication.

Such functionalities were crucial, given the challenges of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital communications were crucial when the world was in lockdown.

But there is an issue; making a digital workplace does not involve just simple communication. The main goal of digital workplaces is enabling companies to manage their internal processes through top technologies. This helps them remain productive.

What is the main aim of these networks and tools?

The main goal of digital workplaces is to extend employee capabilities so firms can grow. At the same time, internal social channels help boost engagement and internal reach. This helps in making connections among peers and colleagues.

The truth is that social media-like OOTB solutions are affordable options to numerous startups and small businesses needing agility and a unified place for communication. However, an internal social network can hardly be able to solve daily business needs.

Team leads from a firm of mobile app development Toronto have decided to share with us the reasons why organizations should consider creating a digital workplace that is suitable to their objectives and goals, especially if they are working in a large organization.

Digital workplaces focus on productivity apart from communication

Talking about something is different in comparison to doing something. What digital workplaces can do is integrate applications, data systems, and dashboard as well as data from systems in one central location (like an online portal or a digital experience platform).

What teams in organizations need is something that has it all i.e. to have all the tools they need to do their work, and then be able to do that work right away. 

Ranging from collection and analysis of information from fields to designing a new campaign; the digital workplace is the place where employees of organizations should go and begin their work each single day. 

Communication is still important. But delivering the right tools, the needed understanding, the necessary guidelines and the integrity to operate as efficiently and effectively is something that will bring any organization the needed success.

These systems store the organization’s memory and create new knowledge as well

This is now more important than ever. It is quite important to share knowledge with other members of the team and be able to connect with them. However, doing it in person, call centers, help desks, chats and unread emails would not be efficient in the long term.

Let’s imagine executives at a company needing to search for the latest brand guidelines for their business and here are some questions they should answer:

  • Where should they be able to find such a resource?
  • From where should they start their research?
  • Who will own the task of keeping it updated?
  • Who should the employees go to if they need questions?

The key resources, along with the pieces of content, reports and media (among other documents) need to be kept safely and be stored in space, in an orderly and properly manageable way (hire app developer). Paving the way for such is also necessary so the company’s employees have access to the company’s knowledge. Company memory in an effortless manner is the right way to go.


Digital workplaces should never be taken for granted nor should they be made from software which is outdated. Moreover, firms all across the world should learn to use them the proper way and make sure no one in their organization is left behind.

Sharing knowledge is important and so is sharing key information. Keeping each employee on the same footing is hence imperative when using digital workplaces.


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