How much does it cost to live in a rental flat in Gurgaon city?

How much does it cost to live in a rental flat in Gurgaon city?

Gurgaon is a leading financial and commercial hub in the country. The economic growth of the city began when the leading automobile manufacturers established their huge manufacturing plants in the city. After that, the city has kept climbing the ladder of success and growth. Today, Gurgaon is excelling in almost all aspects i.e. jobs, infrastructure, and other facilities. Being home to several fortune companies, many individuals are migrating to the city for their prosperous future careers. People who are planning to move to the place want to know how much does it cost to live in Gurgaon city?


Gurgaon is surely the costliest city in the country. However, there are several accommodation options that people can choose according to their budget. If you are looking for a fully furnished flat for rent in Gurgaon, then you should consider the following costs:

The average rent for the 1 BHK fully furnished flat costs around Rs 15000 to 20000 or more. 2 BHK flat goes around 30K to 35K. The security amount depends on the type of accommodation the person is considering. Usually, it is a minimum of the 2 months rent of the flat. When looking for a perfect flat, the interested people must consider writing down their budget first and the area that they prefer living in. Also, consider the distance that he or she is willing to commute daily for his work.

Furnishing of the rental flat-

One of the major concerns after shifting to the rental flat is of furnishing it. Taking furnished flats on rent could be costly for the tenant. So, they usually prefer unfurnished or semi-furnished flats to save their monthly expenses. The tenants can, later on, buy the necessary appliances, furniture, electronics, etc. later on an EMI basis. Well, buying a furnished flat on rent can cost more than Rs 15000 as compared to the unfurnished flats.

 Henceforth, if the tenant does not want to put an extra burden on cost and other expenses, then he should surely go for the unfurnished or semi-furnished rental flats. 

Grocery and food expenses-

Students and working professionals usually look for good restaurants and grocery places near their locality in their initial days. Well, Gurgaon is blessed with numerous food places and restaurants. If you are a real foodie and like exploring new food destinations, then you should keep aside Rs 2000 to 3000 per month. Also, if you are planning to hire a maid who will cook on your behalf, then that would also cost around Rs 3000 to 4000 per month. The average grocery expenses can also reach up to Rs 4000 to 5000 per month considering the inflation rate of the country.

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Therefore, Gurgaon can become pretty expensive in terms of food and grocery shopping. So, if you are planning to shift to the city, then you must keep certain figures fixed for food and grocery expenses as per the number of members in your budget.

Cost of transportation-

Another major reason for worry for the new migrants in the city is the daily transportation cost. Well, the best part is that Gurgaon is known for its best transportation and infrastructural facilities. The customers can use bus services for daily commute. They can also take Metro to reach their workplaces. The auto-rickshaws and cabs are also easily available for local commute. Considering the price factor of transportation, then the average monthly estimated cost of commute falls between Rs 3000 to 4000.

If the individuals are interested in taking bikes or scooters for the daily commute, then it would cost around Rs 1000 to 1500 per month. Therefore, depending on your preference of transportation you can set a budget for daily commute to your workplace.

Entertainment cost-

Another important cost that needs to be considered is the entertainment one. After spending a tiring week at the office, people prefer enjoying their weekends at bars, clubs, discos, movie theatres, amusement parks, etc. Since Gurgaon is relatively an expensive city, the cost of such entertainment would also be high. It is recommended that the person should keep aside the amount of Rs 2500 to 5000 for entertainment or leisure activities. But there again, this cost would vary as per the choice of the individuals. If a person is living with his family in Gurgaon city, the cost of such expenses would rise.

These are the few costs that the interested person would have to incur if he wants to take a fully furnished flat for rent in Gurgaon. Well, the cost of living in Gurgaon city is higher than in other parts of the national capital region. However, if a person researched well about all the potential expenses and plan the budget accordingly, then he or she would surely find the best place for his accommodation in the city.        


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