What factors should you consider while choosing the right office furniture?

What factors should you consider while choosing the right office furniture?

Selecting the correct ergonomic surroundings for your business or workplace may not seem like a massive issue, but it may make a major impact on your employee’s health and comfort. Sitting for long amounts of time may place a lot of strain on the back and spine, resulting in back issues and a lot of discomforts. Understanding how to choose ergonomic office furniture will help prevent these health problems, improve posture, and stay comfortable throughout the day. Investing in ergonomic furniture may as well have a big impact on productivity in the company environment. As a business owner, you should also be offering your employees an employee purchase program where they can get discounted ergonomic furniture for personal use.

There are many different factors to a productive and efficient workplace. Let’s talk about the four, most important ones.

Ergonomic chair.

An office chair’s seat height should be readily adjustable. Most individuals should be able to sit comfortably at a seat height of 16 to 21 inches from the ground. This enables the user to sit with his or her feet flat on the floor, thighs parallel, and arms at desk height. The seat should be wide and deep enough to comfortably accommodate any individual. The standard is usually 17-20 inches broad. The seat depths must be adequate for the user to sit with back against the backrest of the ergonomic office chair while leaving 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat. The seat’s forward or backward tilt should be configurable. Armrests on office chairs should be customizable, they should allow the user to rest their arms and relax their shoulders. While typing, the elbows and lower arms should be gently rested, and the forearm should not be lying on the armrest.

Height-adjustable desks.

Adjustable workstations, such as sit-to-stand desks, are among the most effective ways for employees to find the most suitable work position. According to research, there are several benefits to working this way, including a lower chance of obesity, as well as improved blood sugar, mood, and energy levels. Along with the health advantages, there is an improvement in productivity. Some home workers also install a mini treadmill underneath that kind of desk to improve their health even more simply by walking while working.

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The days of a desk and a chair as office equipment and furniture are long gone. In today’s office, many desk accessories are used to track the whole experience. Lighting is one such core part of the workplace. Regrettably, when it refers to finding ways to increase productivity in the workplace, office lighting is typically underestimated, despite the fact that it may make a significant difference. The majority of people choose clear or white lighting without considering other options. Blue or green illumination, on the other hand, appears to be the greatest option. Natural light minimized eye strain and headaches while increasing staff energy levels, according to recent research. According to Harvard research, employees’ work performance might rise by as much as 70%. Window coverings that let in natural light while filtering out heat, harmful rays, and glare, giving more control over their surroundings.


Humans have an inbuilt affinity for the natural environment, according to scientist Edward O. Wilson. Biophilia, which is defined as a need or love for living habitats, is more frequent in workplaces among young professionals who embrace specific nature-connected lifestyles to better focus on self-care, particularly those who reside in huge metropolitan surroundings with little natural vegetation. Biophilic design elements aid in the creation of a work environment that promotes performance, health, and well-being. Individual employees have shown greater awareness of the natural environment, reduced stress and mental weariness, and improved task performance. Nature engages the mind and helps to restore directed focus and attention, according to environmental psychologist Stephen Kaplan, who even claims that individuals may concentrate better after spending time outside.

Finally, nowadays furniture design, style, and location may affect your workers’ productivity and performance at work. You need to make some educated decisions regarding the kind of chairs, workstations, and other office furniture that will help them achieve their goals. Following your education on the beneficial association between office furniture and productivity, you must make an informed selection before placing your next big order for your workplace. There are some furniture companies out there that are offering employees of specific companies discounted ergonomic furniture like Autonomous’s Google employee discount which offer people who work at Google ergonomic equipment at discounted rates. Make sure you have everything you need at the office to make it a productive environment.


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