How to Get Organic Traffic without Spending on SEO?

Get Organic Traffic

No doubt, SEO is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your website. If we are just focusing on SEO, we can send traffic just by search results. Here, you should know that if you are just focusing on SEO to drive organic traffic to your website, it is a bad thing for your business website. In some cases, if your primary source of traffic will collapse, you can’t get organic traffic. Therefore, you should diversify your traffic sources. Here, we will discuss different ways to get organic traffic without spending on SEO or on influencers marketing.

Online Advertising:

If you want to get organic traffic to your website without spending on SEO, online advertising is the best choice for you. When you will run online ads, you can send hundreds and thousands of visitors to your website. Moreover, these online ads allow you to appear your ads before the right people. When you will go running these online ads, you will have to pay money. Before running these online ads, you should know how to make the proper use of this traffic. While running these online ads, you should keep in mind the quality of these ads. It means that you should encourage the right people to click on these ads. Sometimes, you don’t know the proper use of these online ads. Under such a situation, you can analyze the online ads of your competitors.

Guest Blogging:

You should make it the lifeblood of your digital business. You can easily use guest blogging as a tool to get organic traffic to your website. If you want to make the best use of this tool, you should keep in mind two important things. First, you should find the best websites relevant to your niches that are accepting guest posts. You can easily find these websites by using various search queries. Some business websites are sharing guest posts on their social media platforms. Now, you should find the platforms where other people are sharing their blog posts. Secondly, you should write a compelling and intriguing piece of content. By writing a compelling piece of content, you can easily strengthen your branding. When other people will see the compelling content on these guests posting websites, they will also try to visit your website.

Blog Commenting:

You can also use this option to get organic traffic to your website without spending on SEO. To do this, you will have to follow some important tips. First, you should find such websites that are posting content relevant to your niche. Sometimes, you may face struggles to find these websites. Under such a situation, you can make use of BuzzSumo. You can also use SEMrush to find these websites. You can also use the guest posting strategy to find the blog commenting websites. Secondly, you should visit these websites. While visiting these websites, you should estimate their social media influence, site authority and page views etc. Here, you can also make use of the SimilarWeb tool. By using this tool, you can easily get an idea about the statistics and analytics of your website. Now, you will have to dedicate enough time to write the best comments.

Make Use of Q&A Websites:

When you will type a question on Google, sometimes, Google shows up its results in the Q&A websites like Quora and Stack Exchange etc. This thing shows that we have used these websites. Here, we should understand that these websites are just like organic traffic machines. Now, you should spend enough time exploring these websites. While exploring these websites, you should also make a plan to explore your work. You should try to know the types of questions that can provide benefits to your business. These questions should also be appealing to the readers of your website. After finding these questions, you should try to know the brief answers to these questions. Here, you should focus on quality rather than quantity. When you will link back to your websites, readers will show interest in your website.

Social Media Sites:

According to a dissertation help firm, social media sites can last massive impacts on your website. These websites can generate traffic and sales for your website. A report is showing that there are almost 3.7 billion internet users. Among these 3.7 billion internet users, 2.8 billion users are active on social media sites. This thing is showing that you can’t grow your business without showing an active presence on these websites. If you want to make the best use of these websites, you should not directly sell on these websites. First, you should make interact with the users by providing valuable content. After that, you can encourage them to visit your website. To get the best results, you should try to combine content marketing with social media marketing.

Promote Content in Relevant Online Communities:

You can also get organic traffic to your website by promoting content in relevant online communities. Some people may ask that how to find these communities. They should know that these online communities are present everywhere on the internet. Facebook groups, Reddit, Forums and Slack are the best online communities to promote the content. Here, you should also use the above-mentioned techniques. First, you should find the relevant communities. If you will share content in irrelevant online communities, you can’t drive targeted traffic to your website. When they don’t find content relevant to their interests, they immediately leave your website. This thing will last a bad impression on the performance of your website.


If you want to get organic traffic to your website, you should not focus on search engines only. You should also use some other tactics to get the familiarity of the content among the audience. When you will share content on other platforms, you can also increase the familiarity of your website. Online advertising, guest posting and blog commenting are the best techniques to get organic traffic without SEO. Here, you can make use of one tactic or all the tactics at the same time. If you are using only one tactic or a combination of all the tactics, you can transform the way your website attract visitors. Anyhow, you must try at least one method and see its results.


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