Seven Handy Tips and Tricks on How To Avoid Online Fraud


The digital platform has been outspread and expanded to a great extent. 

The utilization of online services to carry out regular activities, from office work to studies, online shopping to online dating and games to socialization. Every aspect of life is correlated with the digital platform. It provides more opportunities and convenience for the user. Also, it saves time. For instance, in a money transaction, one does not need to drive to the bank. They can simply use digital cash transfer apps and work is done. All these convenient and approachable techniques make users and the entire world more dependent on the digital platform. However, with ease comes a cost. Online fraud is the deception and trap one can encounter on the internet. The scammers use a variety of tricks to get money, information or make use of the victim for the purpose of their illicit activities. Once the victim gets trapped, it becomes difficult for him/her to escape. 

How can you avoid online fraud?

The Claimers’ website has provided much needed and essential information to its users regarding the online frauds and how they happen.

Likewise, following the old pattern, the Claimers’ authorities are again coming with very informative and essential information for users for their protection, that is how to avoid online frauds.

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Although online frauds are so much in practice, and found almost everywhere that they are inevitable. 

1. Install Anti-malware softwares in your gadgets

The prime trick through which scammers get access to personal information or invade private space is through hacking the personal gadgets. Therefore, it is essential to have antivirus or anti-malware software installed on your gadgets, so you can get alerts if someone tries to hack your personal data.   

2. Be well informed regarding scams

The foremost course of action for one to protect herself/himself from being scammed is to get educated about them. Knowledge assists in noticing and catching sight of the fraud instantly if you ever encounter it. The Claimers’ website is working to inform the audience regarding different kinds of scams and how they are operated, so the victims can take actions against them instantly. 

3. Avoid Getting through unknown links and emails.

Scammers try to trick people by making them click or visit the links provided either on their social media or attached with the emails. Such emails affect the system by hacking into personal information.

4. Use Social Networking in a Responsible Manner

While social networking is all about building relationships, social media platforms are littered with false identities that are used to collect data. Consider the information you share on the internet. Are you disclosing information that could be used to misrepresent you? Are you disclosing potentially sensitive information about your company? Accepting every request to connect is a bad idea, and you should consider limiting access to your profile.

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Another technique to assess your possible exposure is to Google yourself or your company and see what information comes up. Anything you can find is available to cybercriminals, who could use it to breach your social media or other accounts.

5. Shop from authentic brands or websites

Several websites are being used for the purpose of business, thus some of them are fake and scammed. They get money from you but never deliver the product. Therefore, read reviews before ordering.

6. Transfer money to credible emails or phone numbers

Never exchange money on a cash app with unknown and suspicious emails, they are more likely to hack your accounts and get hold of the entire sum of money. 

7. Instantly take actions if you discover fraud

Take immediate action as soon as you discover that you are being scammed to prevent maximum loss. Contact the Claimers now if you’ve gotten scammed.


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