How To Swiftly Build A Multi-delivery App Like Postmates In 2021?

Multi delivery

The on-demand economy is expected to reach around 435 billion dollars by the end of this year, with an annual growth rate of 49%. Earlier in 2017, the value was only 213 billion dollars. This huge spike is alluring many entrepreneurs to launch their own delivery app. Grab the opportunity and surpass your career by launching a multi-delivery app like Postmates.

Benefits of developing a multi-delivery app like Postmates

  • These days with the advent of technology, every aspect of our life is revolutionized. Earlier, the delivery of goods was a long procedure and quite a time-consuming process. The on-demand delivery apps came into effect to ease all those efforts.
  • Now people can  get anything delivered to their place easily with just a few clicks and swipes. Even a small thing from a forgotten lunch bag to ordering flowers, the on-demand multi-delivery app like Postmates serves a perfect solution in one place. Thus, launching such a purposeful app can attract a vast user base in no time. 
  • Many small businesses and service providers can magnify their business by increasing the customer base. The delivery executives can provide their service to the app in their own comfortable time and earn additional revenue. 
  • The on-demand industry is consistently on the rise. There are many on-demand delivery apps available in the market for various services. Thus, providing a one-stop solution for all services in one place is definitely a boon for the users. Don’t you think so? By launching a multi-delivery app like Postmates, it is no wonder that you will flourish in your business in no time. 

Steps to develop an app like Postmates

  • If you are an entrepreneur already running a delivery and logistics business, you can swiftly expand your business to a great extent by launching an on-demand delivery app. On the other hand, it is the golden key for budding entrepreneurs to enter into the most competitive industry. To stand out from the other existing competitors, it is important to provide the utmost benefits to your users. 
  • The two effective ways to develop a robust multi-delivery app are either by developing your app from scratch or by getting a ready-made solution. 
  • The ready-made solution is nothing but a pre-built app packed with all the essential features. It is 100% customizable. Therefore you can get an app that meets your expectations or even surpass them. 
  • It is very important to choose a reliable app development company to build your Postmates clone app. Make sure the clone script that you opt for has all the features and performs all the functions just like that of the parent app.
  • Now, let’s dive in to understand the workflow of the Postmates clone app in the following passages, which can help you gain a clear understanding of the app before getting into the development process. 

How does a Postmates clone app work?

It is vital to create three apps to complete multi-delivery app development, each one for the users, delivery executive, and the admin panel. Let’s discuss the workflow of the application through the eye of the users and the delivery executives. 

Customer app:

  • Users register into the platform using multiple sign-up methods available on the platform. This allows the users to eliminate the need to fill out the long forms.
  • Multi-delivery app like Postmates consists of an ocean of products and delivery options available. The users can use the advanced search bar to pick the required delivery service. 
  • The users can place their orders by adding the desired products to the cart. For keeping a note on the products to buy later, the users can add it to their wishlist. 
  • The in-app tracking features allow the users to locate the movement of the ordered product in real-time.
  • Users have the option to choose their convenient mode of payment from the list of multiple payment options available in the app. 
  • Upon successful delivery, the users share their reviews and ratings about the product or service. 

Delivery Executive app:

  • The delivery agents receive notifications about the order. Based on their availability, the delivery executives can either accept or reject any order.
  • The app navigates to the pick-up location and then to the customer’s place upon accepting the delivery request.
  • The app navigates the delivery executives in optimized routes. Hence fast delivery is achievable by eliminating the traffic-prone routes.
  • Thus the product is safely delivered at the doorstep of the customer’s location.
  • After completing each successful delivery, a fixed percentage of the commission goes to the delivery executives.

To make a long story short,

With smartphones available in every corner, people are getting used to order online and get their desired product delivered from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, launching a multi-delivery that has top-notch features, provides utmost convenience and benefits to the users. Hence elevate your business to reach new heights with Postmates clone app.


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