13 Common Windows 10 Problems and Fixing Guide

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Windows operating system is the most using operating system in the whole world. Also, windows offers its users some advanced features to help them out in many different ways. But at the same time, users face some common windows 10 problems on their PCs. Some of these problems can be solved by making some little changes in the settings. Moreover, some other windows 10 problems require specific actions.

This article contains a list of some common Windows 10 problems along with their solutions. The problems that are mentioned here are faced by almost every Windows PC user once in a while. Check out https://sunbeamtech.com/ to get the latest tech updates.

List of Common Windows 10 Problems and Their Fixes

This list contains a number of different Windows 10 problems commonly faced by users. First of all, the problem is discussing clearly under the heading and after that, a proper solution is providing below the problem.

As already mentioned, some Windows 10 problems can be easily solved just by making some changes in the settings. In addition, the problems that require some specific actions are more forced here.

1. Issues With The Upgradation of Operating System

Updating the Windows operating system is the solution to most problems faced by the user on a Windows PC. But what if there is a problem with the upgradation of the operating system. Many users have complained about an issue that they are not able to update their Windows OS.


This particular Windows 10 problem can be fixed in two ways. The first is by running a Windows update troubleshooter from the control panel.

In addition, the fix to this problem is by using a Media creation tool. Furthermore, this tool allows the Windows user to download an installation file of the latest version of the Windows operating system.

2. Lack of Storage Space on the PC

Another common problem faced by many Windows users is running out of space on the PC. This problem may be caused by many different reasons like duplication of the data stored, installation of unnecessary programs/software and many others.


The problem can be easily solved with the help of computer cleaning software. The software scans the whole PC and finds out all the duplicate or similar content on the PC.

Once the scan is completed the software notifies the user and on the command of the user, the software removes all the duplicate and similar content from the PC. One can also do the same thing manually but it consumes a lot of time, that’s why using software is recommended.

3. Unnecessary Notifications Popping up the Screen

Many Windows users have reported an issue that they see a numerous amount of unnecessary notifications popping up on the screen. These pop-up notifications create a distraction for the user and may also harm the device up to a great extent.


Pop up Windows 10 problem can be easily solved just by making some changes to the Windows settings. In the device settings visit the system tab, now click on the notification & action option. Lastly, block all the sources through which you are receiving unnecessary notifications.

4. Problem with the Data Privacy

With the evolution of technology, data has become a precious commodity. Every user is concerning about its data privacy and security. Any third party accessing the user’s data without the permission of the user is a serious problem.


For most Windows users the default setting provided at the time of purchase of the device might work, but for some other users, it might not. Whenever the user installs an application on the device, it requires access to the user data. Finally, one can easily stop sharing the data by denying the access through settings.

5. Generation of Unwanted Cookies while Browsing

Whenever the user makes a search using a web browser some cookies are formulated. The main purpose of these cookies is to load things faster for the user so that the user does not need to wait longer. There is a threat of cyber-attacks through these cookies.


The cookies that are generated by the web browser could be easily managed by the setting of that particular browser on your computer. Go to the settings of the browser search for the privacy and security settings, where one can see the option of managing the cookies.

6. Cortana Not Working Properly

Cortana is a virtual personal assistant provided by Microsoft to its users. Moreover, Cortana is capable of performing tasks just with the voice commands of the user. Sometimes this personal assistant does not work properly or the user is unable to locate it. This creates a problem for the user.


If Cortana isn’t working properly on a computer device, the user is first advised to check the microphone’s settings of the device. As this software works with the voice command.

Users can also try reinstalling the Cortana on the device. In addition, this is an effective way of fixing most of the problems related to Cortana on a Windows 10 PC.

7. Slow Processing Speed

Slow processing speed is not liked by any user. Moreover, this is a serious Windows 10 problem and must be rectified as soon as possible. When a computer’s processing speed slows down then it takes a much longer time to accept input and provide an output result to the user.


The processing speed can be increased by boosting the computer device. In order to boost the speed of a computer device, a user is required to visit the control panel of the device. After that search for the power settings and select the option of high performance for the list.

8. Unable To Play Flash Content Over the PC

Another common Windows 10 problem is the users are unable to play flash content on their PCs. Flash content is in the form of audio, video and other similar things. Furthermore, this problem might be caused by a faulty flash player.


The problem can be fixed by using a flash player alternative, most of the time a faulty flash player is the main reason behind this particular problem.

Users can also use a youtube to mp3 chrome extension, to access the youtube videos in mp3 audio format.

9. Opening of Files In Wrong Software

When the file association is broken of a particular application in Windows PC. There are high chances of file opening in the wrong software. The files are not opening in the software desired by the user.


This Windows 10 problem can also be simply solved with the help of Windows settings. Go to the System tab and search for the category of default apps, now select the application in which you want to open the file. The operating system will feed it into the algorithm and open the files in the selected application.

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10. The system is Not Able to Restore the Data

Windows PCs come with a feature of restoring the data, but sometimes this feature does not work. Due to this users are not able to access the data which has been removed from the system memory.


To fix this Windows 10 problem users are required to create a restore point from the system restore settings. After that user is requiring to configure the system memory as per his/her requirements. By configuring the system memory one can easily restore the lost data.

11.  Trouble With the Connected Printer

Printers are the essential components of a computer system, as they provide the work done by a user in a physical form. Many of the users face some issues with the connectivity of the printer.


The main cause behind the trouble with the connected printers is an outdated or faulty printer driver. A driver updater software is a solution to this Window 10 problem.

Moreover, users are also advised to check the hardware of the printer. A damaged printer also creates trouble for the users.

12. Mouse not in Control of the User

We often see that the cursor of the mouse is under our control. The Windows 10 problem leads to dislocation of the cursor and trouble in scrolling. A mouse is the most used part of a computer system and any issue related to it causes a great problem for the user.


Users can try fixing this problem by installing the latest version of the mouse driver on their Windows PC. These drivers are the set of files that creates a link between the operating system and the hardware.

Also one try reconnecting the mouse into the computer system for resolving this particular Windows 10 problem.

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13. Unable to Use Bluetooth on PC

Bluetooth is a wireless technology mainly used for connecting one or more devices to the computer system. When a user is unable to use Bluetooth on a PC, it creates a serious connectivity problem for the user.


The connectivity through Bluetooth is solely dependent on the Bluetooth drivers of a PC. An outdated and faulty Bluetooth driver may be the main reason why a user is unable to connect the devices through Bluetooth.

Downloading the latest version of Bluetooth drivers with the help of driver updater software is the best solution for this Windows 10 problem.

Final Words

Here we come to the end of this article, some common Windows 10 problems are clearly explaining along with their solutions above. These are common problems and might create serious issues for the users.

Resolving these problems at the right time is an important task and must be done by the user on time. If these problems are not rectified in a timely manner this might also lead to some irreversible damage to the computer system.

The above list just includes some of the Windows 10 problems, there are many other problems related to the same. Moreover, users can find the solutions for those problems over the internet very easily.

A comments section is providing to you at the end, to let us know if you have any queries or questions regarding the article. All your queries and questions will be answered in a short span of time.


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