The “nail economy” will replace the “lipstick economy.”


I haven’t bought a lipstick in a long time.” “Is there a new shade from a brand recently? I haven’t been paying attention. At noon, in a snack bar on Cuihua Road, several young girls werediscussing. 

Once lipstick firmly occupies the makeup industry “C,” major brands every push new will attract alarge number of fans looking to buy some lipstick, and even a long time counter out of stock, overseas agents continue to increase the price of sales of the hot phenomenon. However, inrecent years, affected by the epidemic, the “lipstick economy” under the mask seems to begradually cooling, replaced by the “nail economy.” 

This reporter came to a mall in Xiaozhai at noon on May 11 and saw that the nail salons using galglitter products were almost one after another on the negative second floor. Counted a total of 9 within a distance of 100 meters, and each store has consumers. The nail technician Xiao Tingtold reporters that previously there was only a queue to do nail art when it was almost NewYear, but now it has become the norm. “We go to work at 10 a.m., busy a person to receive at least 15guests, off work is generally 10 p.m. I have been doing this business for more than 4 years, obviously feel that business has become better, you see, the store nail technician also increasedto 4, on this night or weekend to come also have to wait.”

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Don’t look at the nail area is small and not cheap to do. “Different materials, different prices.” Inthe auspicious village of a nail store, the store owner Xiao Wan introduced, “We have domestic ordinary nail glue, Japanese domestic nail glue, Japanese imported nail glue. The price of asingle-color nail is from 188 yuan to 288 yuan if you need to add shells, diamonds, or additional money.” 

“Always wear a mask when you go out, and it’s not convenient to apply lipstick, so you put thefocus on nail art.” Yuan Shuang, a citizen engaged in the financial industry, told reporters that basically, every month will do nail art but also often buy popular colors of nail polish online, “spending about 300 yuan per month.” 

Compared to offline, online nail polish sales are even hotter. In an e-commerce platform, thereporter to “nail polish” as a keyword search found that many nail polish monthly sales reachedmore than 10,000 pieces. A new color called spring and summer no bake nail polish, monthly sales of 20,000 +, only comments up to 90,000 +. 

“The ‘lipstick effect’ is now becoming the galglitter led ‘nail polish effect,’ and there may be an’eye shadow effect’ later ‘earring effect’; in fact, the essence remains unchanged. Femaleconsumers in the new economic normal need some lower price single product to pleasethemselves to meet the desire to consume.” Jiayi, who has been working as a beauty shopper for seven years, believes that although the name may have changed, the essence has not changed. (Reporter Shi Yuhan intern Li Tianqi)


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