How to troubleshoot HP Printer not connecting to WiFi

HP Printer to WiFi

Here blog explains, step by step you have to do to connect an HP printer to a Wi-Fi wireless network. This is essential to enjoy mobile printing functions. Get the most out of the application—HP Smart, a tool that will be very useful in your day today. The network feature also allows you to print remotely from outside the office. To connect the printer to the network, HP employs Wi-Fi technology. It’s the same technology that your computer users to connect to a hotspot. Wi-Fi on an HP Printer Wi-Fi-enabled is connected. To a connection and can usually, be corrected by troubleshooting the HP Printer not connecting to WiFi.

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Are you facing problems with the HP Printer not responding? Then need not worry, here in the below article you will get the solution to this common problem.  Today we will teach you the steps to install a wireless or Wi-Fi printer. So that you can print from your computer, Smartphone, or wireless connection devices. Most of us commonly call customer care in case if we do not get the solution. But here, you get the solution step by step.

Connecting a HP Printer to WiFi

At present, it is almost impossible not to find new printer models. Both ink and toner cartridges, that do not have WIFI technology. The fast advancement of the digital world is displacing the use of wires to simplify things. Especially to install your technological equipment, taking all its functions into account. Nowadays, more than 65 percent of consumers who purchase technology never fully utilize its features. Because they are unfamiliar with the equipment’s specifications.

We can connect the printer using WPS if said printer, and our router, have this technology. We keep it pressed for a few seconds in printers with a wireless button until the light blinks.

If our printer has a touch screen and lacks a wireless printer connection button (look at the video if you have doubts), we go to the touch screen and enter the network configuration menu. Then enter the settings section (the wheel dentate), touch on WiFi Protected Setup, and touch again on the press button and start. Keep in mind that the names of each section, or their location, may change slightly depending on each printer model.

We will have a specific time to go to the router and press the WPS button. The corresponding light flashes.

The printer will start and complete the process of connecting to the WiFi network. So be patient and not interrupt the process by disconnecting the printer or the router.

When the connection is complete, you can start enjoying all the benefits of the free HP Smart app and working with your HP printer from any compatible smartphone or tablet.

Step to troubleshoot HP Printer not connecting to WiFi Error

  • Step 1:  Disconnect your computer from any VPN (a virtual private network) that may be used in the work environment before accessing the printer.
  • Step 2: Ensure your computer’s wireless connection. You use WiFi to connect to the printer. The same switch is used to turn off the radio during flight. Please switch it on and let it a minute or so to discover the network.

    Step 3: If your HP printer isn’t connecting, move it closer to the router. Concrete barriers and other wireless frequencies might create interference. Unplug outdated cell phones; they all operate on the same 2.4 GHz band.

    Step 4: On the HP screen, look for identified network names.

    Step 5: If the problem persists, selecting the “Enable wireless connection” option will direct the HP printer to look for a Wi-Fi signal.

The problem comes when our WiFi printer does not work as it should. This can be a significant inconvenience both at the home user level and perhaps more at the business level when it can cause delays in sending essential documents. To avoid this, we will give a series of guidelines and tips to solve the problem. We will mention critical aspects and other recommendations that we can put into practice to solve the problem.

The problem can arise due to the wrong IP address or due to the problem of a change in IP address. It may also cause communication errors with the printer and computer to resolve HP wireless printer problems. Check if the cables are in good condition and not damaged.


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