I’ve Been Scammed, Can I Call The Police? Hell YES!!

I’ve Been Scammed, Can I Call The Police? Hell YES!!

Several courses of actions, schemes and scammers’ tricks have been discussed by the global payback company for the purpose of customer awareness and protection.The major indication is when the user sees the default and loss of money from their respective cash app accounts. The user should keep an update on your cash app account so that such an incident would be easier for you, as the user, to notice. Further, the scammer covered in the mask of the purchaser or buyer of your product on social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram tricks people by hacking their cash app accounts. The emphasis on the fact that they have sent you the money, playing with your mind, makes you click on the link provided. 

That link hacks and blocks your cash app account, resulting in the entire money in the hands of the scammer as you lose your account. The cash app has software that confirms your payment or transaction made by sending you the verification code on the respective email. Also, the designed software of the cash app sends a verification code each time a user logs in. If, as a user, you notice an unfortunate or unexpected action being done using your account, in simpler words, if you receive an email regarding your cash app account being accessed through another device, and it is not you accessing your private account, then report it to the respective authorities. Likewise, if you receive an email regarding the transaction of money from your account to another account, immediately take action and block your account to prevent further financial loss.


Phishing is when a fraudulent actor uses social media, email, phone, or text message to gather personal and/or financial information. Phishing victims are frequently persuaded to enter personal information into bogus websites that appear to be legitimate.

Please contact support through your app or at cash.app/help if you receive a strange social media message, email, text message, or phone call about Cash App, or see a phone number that you suspect is illegitimate, contact the Claimers immediately.

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What do you do when you have been scammed?

The victims after being scammed are unaware of the further procedures and steps to be taken. Some victims, due to fear and nervousness, do not take action. However, something has to be done to stop the scammers and the criminals sooner or later for one’s own as well as for society’s protection. The victim should first get help from relatives and friends to calm himself/herself down and gather courage to fight. Then, contact the respective authorities to proceed lawfully.

Should the victim contact the police?

The Global Payback website have mentioned the steps to be taken against the scammers, in which one of the essential courses of action is to contact the police instantly after you discover the scam. The survivor should gather all the essential and needed information regarding the scammer, then report a file to the nearby police station, so the scam gets registered in the records of the authorities. This could help in the future. If the victim gets in serious trouble, the police having the required details will be able to take action. Additionally, the victim should demand protection from the government or the police, because criminals could be a big threat to the victim’s safety. Contacting the police will provide a safe and secure environment to the victim. 

I once had a friend who couldn’t console herself after being scammed. Time and time again I mentioned to her the global payback and how they work on getting one’s hard earned cash back. She finally relented and contacted the global payback, and just like that, found her money returned to her.


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