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medical issue

Medical astrology deals with health issues and longevity in people’s lives. Each sign and planet is filled with many possible medical issue. So it is whether that the local population can affect the disease or disunion. The fortune-telling function ends with each part of the body reacting to an acute or chronic disease. Only doctors are authorized to name the disease.

  • The 6th house means health problems.
  • The disease is marked with 6, the danger with eight and handicap with 12. 
  • When the 12th peak lord is at 6, the disease is in the house. 
  • When his subordinates are in a planetary constellation with six or 8 or 12, it is in a determination that one will have a disability. 
  • If the ascendant ruler is in the constellation marker 6 or 8 or 12, then the person is suffering from illness, danger, or hospitalization. 

Some of the major houses responsible for the medical issue in people’s lives

The following houses are a medical issue in the horoscope:

Sixth House: The sixth house in medical astrology predictions is the “House of Sickness.” It denotes sickness and disease. Health will only be lost if one rules Mahadasha or the torch of the planets associated with the 6th house. 

Planets that are somehow connected to the 6th house are bound to cause illness. So, in their period together, they produced such a result. Each planet can have the 6th house or occupy a constellation or 6th ruler. So all planets can cause disease.

Eighth House: The eighth house in astrology directly impacts the longevity or life expectancy of this world. For longevity, it is necessary to consider the 1st and 3rd houses and the 8th house. The 8th house is the “house of death,” the end of life in this world. The eighth house is with misfortune, psychological anxiety, accidents, surgery, suicide. It also signifies the risk of a medical issue.

Twelfth House: The twelfth house in the horoscope is the home for hospitalization, detention and loss of a marriage. It also deals with the loss of a spouse of any kind, expenses, donations, charities, secret enemies, fraud and loan repayments

Some other houses that are also considered when countering the medical issue

For treatment, consider 1, 5 and 11 1 – health, 5 is 12 to 6 or no disease, 11 is 12 to 12 – or no underlying disease. Whenever a person suffers from an illness, they will rule the planetary period associated with the 6th house. He can expect healing during the planetary sub-periods associated with the Ascendant or the 5th or 11th house. 

Virgo falls ill when he rules the planet’s period in Scorpio, the star Saturn, and the sun. The following houses represent healing from illness or good health in the horoscope:

First House: The first house, or Ascendant, has always been an important home to local health. When the ascending crest of the ascending master. The ascending masters are well placed in the house, nakshatra, aspects, and connections. Therefore, it provides good health to the locals.

Fifth house: The fifth house is the house of healing or absence of disease, as is the case from the 12th house to the 6th house of sickness and disease. In other words, the 5th house denies the problems of the 6th house. It is sickness and disease. As long as the planet is connected to the 5th house, the locals’ health improves, and they find a cure when they have a medical issue.

The 11th and SIG complaints will make sure that you face no medical issues in your life

11th house: The planets somehow connected to the 11th house cure diseases because the 11th house is the 6th to 6th house. No person can be cured of chronic illness if there are no planets in the 11th house. No planets in the constellation of owners or inhabitants of the 11th house, and only the 11th peak and 11th ruler are under the evil planets. 

The disease prediction by horoscope shows that the Dacian rulers. Those who survived the illness were all under the command of the 6th house lord, and the 11th house was not strong. Lords 11 and 1 are also spoiled. The 11th house, which extends from the 12th to the 12th house, manages discharges from the hospital 

Sig complaints: Each sign and planet is associated with many possible ailments. Planets with moving signs cause short-lived diseases; Common signs state neither short nor long. Symptoms remain a threatening disease that is persistent, chronic, and bothersome. When the planets are affected by movement or cardinal signs, they affect the head, stomach, kidneys and skin. Illness, e.g. fever, epilepsy, sudden loss of consciousness (apoplexy). 

Stomach problems, cancer; Kidney and liver problems; Rheumatism, gout, and runny nose or chills. Suffering from persistent symptoms affecting the throat, heart, urine, genitals, and blood. Medical issues such as tonsillitis, diphtheria, heart disorders, spine diseases, haemorrhoids, stones. 

It also states diseases of the urinary tract and genitals; Blood disorders. Common or variable symptoms affect the lungs, intestines, nerves, and digestion. It stands for health issues such as tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma, intestinal diseases, rheumatism; Wet, scabies.

What all factors have a direct influence over the medical issue in people’s lives?

Ascendant: The rate of ascent to the top of the ascendant is very important for health assessment. He controls the body. Physical strength can be judged, and their strength to withstand disease from ascending. Health suffers when the subordinate ruler of the ascendant is in the constellation marker 6 or 8 or 12. 

If the subordinate ruler is on the 1st or 11th resident star, his health is normal. If the ruling lord is the resident star or the owner of the 6th (illness and disease), 8th (mortal danger) or 12th (laying sickness), this is not good for health.

Sun: It regulates the vitality, constitution of the body.

Luna: It controls the functional systems of the body. This is the most important thing in a child. This is a very important indicator of health in the health astrology predictions.

Sixth House: This is the house of sickness, disease and disease. Diseases are judged by the sign above the 6th house, the planets in the 6th house, the rulers of the 6th house, and the planets associated with the 6th house.

What medical issue is caused by which planetary positions and rulers?

The planets connected to the 6th house are denominators of health. Saturn, if affected in the astrological chart, causes diseases due to lack of proper nutrition. It causes chronic diseases, sprains, falls, strokes, rheumatism, colds, colds, and bruises. 

If Mars gets in touch with the horoscope, It causes acute and sudden illnesses, accidents, operations, fever and inflammatory diseases. Jupiter, when affected on astrological charts, causes liver problems. It also causes gout, blood diseases, diseases from overeating and nutritional intolerance. 

Mental instability or madness judges the suffering of the moon and the mercury of the wicked. Mercury controls speech and hearing. When the sun and moon are affected, the eyes become weak. Mars means surgery, acute and sudden illness. Long-term Saturn diseases such as gangrene, paralysis.

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology. Different types of diseases and their causes are investigated using planets. Omit medicine. Our sages have shown which planets and diseases govern the various parts of the body. But, everyone has to get sick in the course of their life. 

Some people suffer from certain diseases and get sick every year at the same time. All these facts depend on the location, aspect and relationship of the planets in the Zodiac Home. Many diseases cause very few side effects. However, some diseases cause great harm to certain people. 

Why do people take the help of medical astrology to fight the medical issue in their lives?

In ancient times only Ayurveda was treated. But, everyone knows that in Ayurveda, this disease is treated with tree roots, leaves, etc. You should also know that all medicinal plants belong to a certain constellation. Constellations are associated with planets, and due to the influence of planets, the path of human life continues. So online astrology prediction is very useful for everything.

There is no doubt that Ayurveda had special meaning in ancient times because of the lack of treatment for allopathy. Therefore, there has always been a deep connection between Ayurveda and astrology. Sages also say that if they use Ayurvedic medicine at the right time, they will get well soon.

The fortune teller can tell through the horoscope when you will be sick and what diseases you will experience. Knowing this, one takes measures to protect against all kinds of diseases.

Yet, sometimes there are situations where even the doctor does not know what disease the person has. But through the horoscope, you can find out what diseases people have. So here, we try to explain how astrology relates to each disease.


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