Reasons Why a Personal Loan is Preferable Than Another Sort of Debt

Reasons Why a Personal Loan is Preferable Than Another Sort of Debt
  • You’re searching for a loan with no collateral requirements.
  • Using high-interest credit cards will only add to your debt.
  • You’re looking for a less risky alternative to a payday loan.
  • Debt consolidation would make your repayment easier.

You’re searching for a loan with no collateral requirements.

One of the advantages of having a personal loan is that they are usually unsecured, meaning they are not secured by assets, such as your car or home.

While secured loans usually have lower interest rates, they do come with a few risks:

  • If you default on a secured loan, you could lose the collateral that was used to secure a loan
  • If you fall behind on your car loan payments, for example, your vehicle may be repossessed

You may feel more protected with an unsecured loan because financial difficulties can come at any time.

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Using high-interest credit cards will only add to your debt

A personal loan could help you get a lower interest rate and a more manageable monthly payment than you could get from your credit cards.

According to the Federal Reserve, the mean interest rate on every credit card account is 14.75 per cent, as previously stated. However, according to data, APRs on a few card types, such as travel rewards cards, as well as airline credit cards, is able to exceed 24 per cent. If you miss a payment, the credit card company may charge you a penalty APR on current and future purchases.

Consider taking out a personal loan with a lower interest rate if you can. You may be able to choose a term and monthly payment that better matches your existing budget demands, in addition to a cheaper interest rate. However, if you continue to use your credit cards after getting a personal loan, you may end up in more debt.

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You’re looking for a less risky alternative to a payday loan

You may have contemplated taking out payday finance for purchases when you have bad credit. Payday loans, on the other hand, are troublesome, even if they can be a convenient method to get cash between paychecks.

You could be hit with APRs as high as 400 per cent. According to the Department of Financial Services, over 80% of the all-payday finances are carried over or extended into the next loan within 14 days.

A lesser credit score will not automatically disqualify you from obtaining a personal loan, yet you may need to reconsider your options. There are a lot of lenders who provide bad credit finance and will function with you regardless of your credit rating.

And, it’ll be worth the effort because a personal loan is going to almost have lower rates always, as well as fees compared to a payday loan, and a longer repayment period.

Debt consolidation would make repayments easier

A personal loan is one approach to combining debt whether you have debt spread over numerous credit cards with exorbitant interest rates. According to a February 2020 study on financing, debt consolidation is by far the most popular reason for taking out a personal loan.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • Get a personal loan and use the money to pay off most of the credit card debt, as well as other debts.
  • Only make one monthly payment. That payment could be lower than most of your other monthly costs combined, based on your loan.

Another advantage of receiving a personal loan is that most have set interest rates, as well as payments, ensuring that your bills remain regular and predictable throughout the term of your loan.


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