How to Create a User Login for JKPAYSYS


As an employer, you may want to use a JKPAYSYS login portal for a variety of payroll-related needs. This article will discuss how to create a user login for jkpaysys, view salary slips, delete duplicate entries, and update the Treasury in jkpaysys. There are many benefits to using this system. In addition to keeping your employees happy, you’ll also be able to track the overall health of your company by using the system’s reporting features.

How to Create User Login in jkpaysys

You must have visited the JKPaySys website. To log in, you need to fill out an application form, which asks for your login credentials and a captcha code. After that, follow the steps to reset your password. You should have a valid email address and a phone number to call in case you forgot your login details. If you do not have an email address or phone number, you should contact the helpdesk. It is available from Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm.

To create a user login in JKPaySys, you must first visit the portal and go to the “Unlock User(Checker)” option from the right-hand side of the homepage. Enter your user ID and mobile number and the last four digits of your bank account number. Then, choose the corresponding Treasury to create a new account. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be given access to your JKPaySys account.

How to View Salary Slip in Jkpaysys

JK Paysys PayManager is an online platform that allows you to download your salary slips. It is a convenient way to view and download payslips, and pay your bills. It also makes it easy to view the salary slips of all of your employees. To view your payslips, you must first have an account in the JK Paysys system. You can also reset your password from the JK Paysys website.

To reset your password, visit the JKPaySys portal and click on the “Unlock User” option. You will then be required to enter your User ID and your mobile number, as well as the last four digits of your Bank A/C number. In case you forgot your password, you can download the JKPaysys MeraVetan application.

How to Remove Double Employee Entry in Jkpaysys

The first step in removing the double employee entry in JKPaySys is to ensure that the date of birth of the employee is entered in the correct field in the system. If it is incorrect, the user must verify and update it. For this, the user must activate POP Up on the browser settings. Once this step is completed, the employee should be removed from the database.

JKPaySys is an online portal that allows government employees in the state to manage their pay and access their benefits. The portal makes it easy for DDOs to prepare bills, view salary slips, and download payment slips. Bills are conveniently managed under the PaySYS portal, where employees and DDOs can access their accounts. The portal also provides the login and link for Paymanager.

How to Update Treasury in Jkpaysys

Whether you have to pay a large bill or you are a DDO who needs to prepare a bill, you can easily access the JKPaySys portal and perform an update. This portal is also known as PayManager and is currently operating in Jammu and Kashmir. It helps you manage and prepare employee expenses and allows you to check payments through the bank. However, before you update the Treasury, you will need to know how to login to your JKPaySys portal and access the portal.

Final Words:

The JK PaySys system is used by employees of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. This system provides information on salary, GPF/NPS subscription, allowances, deductions, and SLI statement. The JK Salary Slip Web application makes it easy for the employees to view their payslips. It provides them with all these details as well as a link to their CPIS. The JKPayslip must have the same DDO codes as the CPIS.


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