Period Underwear Buying Guide: All You Need to Know

Period underwear

Period underwear is an undergarment worn during periods in place of disposable protection items. However, some women rely solely on period undies in Aus days with lighter periods, saving them as a backup for days with heavier periods. Regardless of their appearance and feel, period panties are made with extra layers and specific materials in the crotch area to absorb menstrual blood. These reusable options can be washed, worn, and washed again.

How period pants work

A Period underwear is made up of a moisture barrier, an absorbent material that can hold up one to two tampons, and a layer to prevent leaks and stains.

Although there are several types to select from, most of them employ an absorbent material that retains your blood flow, such as microfiber polyester. Typically, period underwear has a layer to assist stop leakage and a moisture barrier to keep you feeling dry. Even some brands use an odor-reduction process.

How to use period underwear

Wearing period underwear is as comfortable and functional as wearing everyday underwear. It is only recommended that you wear a pair if you are menstruating. Wear them alone or with a tampon as an added layer of protection.

Period underwear should be worn for a certain amount of time depending on your flow. Period undies in Aus can be worn for longer on days when your flow is light, but wet days may require more frequent change.

It is recommended that you not wear the same pair more than 12 hours at a time in order to prevent odor and leaks. 

How to choose the best period underwear for you

Here are a few things to consider when selecting the ideal underwear for your cycle and incorporating them into your monthly routine.

Fit and Comfort 

It shouldn’t be sweaty or feel like you’re wearing swimming suit bottoms when wearing period underwear. Most underwear companies employ highly synthetic materials that are less breathable and less comfortable.   

Check the reviews to ensure the style of historical pants you have picked fits your body type if the business provides a full-size range. Watch out for companies who offer Plus sizes by extending their “straight sizes” with shoddy grading. These plus-size undergarments frequently don’t fit well since they don’t accurately reflect the curve of your body.

Performance and durability

The reality of most period underwear is that you either spend the entire day practically sitting in your period blood or you have to go to the bathroom and change the whole pair. What happens if they fill up while you’re away from home? Comfort and adaptability are two more characteristics to look for in period underwear now that we’re returning to the world more and more.

Nobody enjoys period leaks, especially during the night; folks, we need to sleep! With enough gusset coverage for your wildest wishes, period underwear should be comfortable, flexible, and smooth. 


It is essential to think about sustainability, specifically: what materials are the period underwear made of, in addition to picking the proper design and learning how to care for your period underwear.

Combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers produces a naturally wicking and absorbent fabric without the use of chemical finishes that wear off over time.

These fibers offer a variety of characteristics that make our underwear high-performance powerhouses – wicking sweat, absorbing blood, and generally producing the ultra-comfortable sensation for all durations.

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Integrity and trust

The price may be alluring in a market becoming increasingly saturated with periods underwears created quickly and inexpensively utilizing questionable labor methods. Reusable goods of high quality last a long time, and their prices often reflect their unique selling points.


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