Popular Marketing Trends for Consumer Engagement

Popular Marketing Trends for Consumer Engagement

Keeping consumers engaged and interacting with a brand is a key to successful marketing and sales growth. As society has shifted from in-person shopping to online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery, the tactics for gaining customer engagement have also changed. Marketing will be more online, short videos, and will show responsibility to the community and the environment. 

Online Marketing

Online marketing is growing as more people spend time on social media and their devices and less reading paper magazines or checking billboards. Growing trends are leading to social media marketing as a key factor, and influencers are affecting every market. As a different approach to word of mouth, influencers are often seen as people who are familiar and can be trusted and can bring in new customers by showing their own use of a product or service, such as direct response digital marketing. Much like customer reviews, this can show a business in a positive way but can also have damaging effects if the product doesn’t perform as it should or if there are negative responses. Using targeted social media ads and working with influencers who are within the target demographic is going to be growing trends that help bring attention to new and established brands.


Short videos have seen great growth in popularity and are often a part of the regular day for many. They are a way to relax or to learn new things without a huge time investment. They are easy to watch, fun to scroll through, and can offer useful information or a lot of entertainment in small increments. As people find themselves becoming busier as the years’ pass, they are looking for ways to add to their day in small ways, with minutes that are found between tasks. Content videos that are short and entertaining are a growing trend in keeping customers engaged and interested.


It is important to have a customer buy-in, a point at which they choose this company over any of the competitors. Social responsibility is important to many generations, and they will support companies who are working towards improving matters that affect the community. It is an important part of marketing to show support for the causes that they support as well. This can include equality for people, supporting the rights of underrepresented people and engaging them within the business, providing fair opportunities to minority groups, and allowing them to work their way up through the company. Using sustainable products and environmentally friendly products is also a great way to show responsibility in business, and it will show in the marketing. This draws people who are working on decreasing their carbon footprint and focusing on using more sustainable products. When given a choice between comparable products, people will choose the one that meets their own beliefs and causes over another. Marketing trends are moving towards responsibility to the community and the environment, short videos that grab the attention of viewers and are short enough to fit into small bits of time, and influencers that can show products being used.


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