The 5 Most Popular Online Scams to Be Aware of in 2022


The dangers that lurk are no longer isolated in dark alleys and undesirable neighborhoods as the globe continues to digital. Instead, they’ve found their way into our email inboxes, favorite websites, and social media accounts. Although cybercrime does not endanger our lives or physical well-being, it can cause irreversible damage to our financial security and peace of mind. Of all, no one expects to be a victim of an internet scam until it occurs to them, and even the best of the best might fall prey.

Staying safe online necessitates delving into the brains of cybercriminals, which necessitates recognizing and comprehending the schemes they perpetrate. We’ve described the 5 most popular online scams below, and it should give you a decent idea of what to look out for so that you may enjoy and stay safe while using the internet.

Dating and romance scams

Scammers use reputable dating websites to construct phony profiles. They create these profiles in order to form a relationship with you in order to obtain your money and personal information. The con artist will build a strong rapport with you before asking for money to help with the costs of sickness, injury, travel, or a family emergency. Scammers attempt to manipulate your emotions by tugging at your heartstrings. The scammers may spend months or even years establishing a rapport.

Computer hacking

Scammers frequently use phishing emails to fool you into giving them access to your computer. They entice you to click on a link or attachment in order to ‘fish’ for your personal information. If you click, harmful software will be installed on your computer, giving the hacker access to your files and information.

Online shopping, classified and auction scams

Scammers enjoy looking for victims on the internet. A frequent scam that targets internet shoppers is not receiving what you paid for. When a fraudster sells goods, he or she will either provide a damaged or low-quality item or nothing at all. They may also pose as a salesperson in order to obtain your credit card or bank account information.

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Scams like this can be found on legitimate internet classified pages as well. An online auction scam comprises a con artist saying that you have a second chance to buy an item you bid on because the winner withdrew. The con artist will request money outside of the auction site’s secure payment system. If you do, your money will be lost, and the auction site will not be able to continue to operate.

Banking, credit card, and online account scams

Scammers send emails or SMS messages posing as your bank, financial institution, or online payment provider. They frequently say that there is an issue with your account and ask you to confirm your information on a phony but plausible copy of the bank’s website. The copying of information from the magnetic stripe of a credit card or an automatic teller machine (ATM) card is known as card skimming. Scammers use a hidden attachment on an ATM or EFTPOS machine to skim your card. They might even put in a camera to record your pin. Scammers can make replicas of your card and make changes to your account once it has been swiped.

Small business scams

Scams such as the issue of fake bills for unwanted or illegal listings, advertisements, products, or services can target small businesses. A well-known example is receiving a bill for a supposedly well-known business directory entry. Scammers entice you to sign up by misrepresenting the offer as an unpaid invoice or a free entry, but the fine print contains a concealed membership agreement. Scammers can also call your business and ask for payment over the phone, claiming that a service or product has already been ordered.


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