The Key To Achieving Talent Scalability On Demand: Freelancers


A company’s needs tend to fluctuate as they go through inevitable smooth and rough edges in their business experience.

In a period of impressive growth, they may need to expand departments and increase productivity. This means they will need to hire more employees, which is required for short-term projects that the current workforce cannot handle.

Likewise, during below successful business periods, downsizing by reducing the number of available workforces is equally important. Using a scalable sourcing solution is key to helping the company adjust to its changing talent sourcing needs.

How Freelancers Are The Key To Achieving Talent Scalability

Short Term Commitment

Freelancers only work for a specific period with specific deliverables, which means they need no long-term job security. This short-term commitment allows companies to adjust to their changing talent scalability needs

Freelancers are Cost-Effective

Paying in-house employees during a company’s turbulence or hiring high talent capacity by a start-up is impossible. The fact that a business is a start-up or going through turbulent stages does not mean it should fold up.

Instead of employing a workforce, they may later lay off, they can employ contract staff.

Freelancers are the most ideal contract staff. They don’t require a dedicated office space, nor does the company have to pay the payroll taxes and other benefits. That way, they help reduce costs.

They Offer Specialized Talent

Should a company be in dire need of a specific skill set for a project without the intention of long-term employment? The company can identify freelancers with the preferred skill set and eventually hire them if they tick all the boxes.

The company can identify freelancers with the preferred skill set and eventually hire them if they tick all the boxes. Take a look at all the excel freelance jobs in your area.

The company will tap into the freelancer’s expertise  without devoting internal resources or adding the freelancer to the permanent payroll

Freelancers Offer Faster Deliverables

Full-time employees are often choked with multiple projects and responsibilities, and they may end up not meeting up with deadlines. In contrast, freelancers focus on one project at a time, and they also work within a shorter time frame.

To avoid the project dragging on for a longer time, you need to scale up the available talents, which is achievable by outsourcing a freelancer. They guarantee efficiency and faster project completion.

Freelancers Help Reduce Risk

Your company has a lot on its plate already; the last thing you want to do is employ a full-time employee that you will still need to invest in with the limited resources available.

So, rather than losing your investment to employees that can decide to leave your company at any time, you can play it safe by working with freelancers.

When working with freelancers, you can build a contract before payment. That way, you get to reduce risk, and in the end, you have the avenue to either extend or terminate the contract without offsetting internal processes.

They Offer Flexible Services

Freelancers are available to be hired 24/7, which means freelancers will be available constantly. That is in contrast with full-time employees that operate around working days and weekends, and any issue that springs up during the weekend will have to wait till the weekdays.

Hiring remote freelancers will help through an international PEO will resolve last-minute emergencies should any happen, rather than wait on a conventional employee that has a rigid work schedule

They Guarantee Diverse Perspective

Do you need a fresh and diverse opinion on a project? Chances are that it may not be realizable if you stick with your old workforce. The probability that they will offer the same old idea is very high.

Therefore, hiring freelancers will be a torch in the right direction. Freelancers as an outsider will most likely offer unique and fresh ideas that can be of great benefit to the project


Either frequently or seldomly, circumstances necessitate that a business organization scales up its talent pool. This could result from an increase in the demand for services or the inability to manage the existing workforce.

Meanwhile, an unplanned or sudden need for a talent upgrade can ruin a business. Hiring additional talent won’t be an easy feat in the already talent-short society, but it is achievable. Outsourcing jobs to freelancers will be the most efficient shock absorber in such a situation.


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