Things To Know When Buying A Wakesurfers Board

Things To Know When Buying A Wakesurfers Board

Wakesurfing is a water sport that has become increasingly popular in the past few years. In this sport, a rider trails behind a boat, riding the boat’s wake without being directly pulled by the ship. Wakesurfing started with a couple of daredevils goofing around with boards tied to their vessels and has become an exciting new watersport. You can think of it as a cross between surfing and wakeboarding, combining the thrilling flow of surfing with the tricks of waterboarding. All you need to start wake surfing is a boat, a wakesurfers board, a wake surf rope, boardshorts/ swimsuit and perhaps the most essential, a life jacket. When choosing a wakeboard, you will find tons of options out there designed to suit different kinds of riding needs. How would you find which board is right for you? Here are the essential features of different wakeboards and things you need to consider when making your choice.

Shapes of Wakesurfers 

Wakesurfers come in various shapes to accommodate the different riding styles and ability levels. In general, they fall into three categories- skimboard style shapes, thruster style surf shapes and hybrid shapes. To find out what they are, read on!

Skim Shaped Wakesurf Boards

Skim wakesurf surfboards have fewer bottom features and smaller fins that make them slippery and borderline rowdy on the water’s surface. These are smaller in size and hence are ideal with less buoyancy. It allows you to spin, slide and do anything while staying on the straight and narrow.

Surf-Style Shaped Boards

Surf-style boards are reminiscent of surf shortboards with a directional shape and fish or square tail (often). They are larger in size and volume, allowing them to stay fast and on the water’s surface. Plus, you get a lot of good options to tighten up and generate power and speed to pump the wave. These boards are available in various lengths, materials, and styles.

Hybrid-Shaped Wakesurf Boards

Hybrid shaped wakesurf is a combination of surf and skim shaped boards. Surfboards that have both skim style shapes and surf fins  also fall into the hybrid wake surf category.

How to find the best Wakesurf Board?

When picking the right wakesurf board, you need to consider a few things like its length/ size, your ability level, and your riding style. 

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Based on size/ length

Which size of the board will suit you the best depends on your weight. Suppose your weight is <100lbs; you need a length board <130cm. Or if you are 90-150lbs, you would need a 130-135cm board and so on. This is because your board requires a size to float you on water efficiently. Therefore, check the sizing chart and make your purchase accordingly when buying a wakesurf board. 

Based on ability level

Though you can ride any shaped board, it is better to consider your ability level. Wakesurfers are designed to assess the different abilities of the riders. There are different types of wakeboards for beginners & intermediate riders. So you can browse through the collections and pick one according to your ability.

Based on riding style

There are continuous rocker wakeboards, 3-stage rocker wakeboards, camber wakeboards, and Hybrid wakeboards; all of them are designed to suit specific riding styles. Hence, determine your particular riding style and choose the right board for yourself. 


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