Why do people wear diabetic socks?

Why do people wear diabetic socks?

The data from International Diabetes Federation shows that nearly 8.8% of the world’s population suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that causes most deaths in the world today. Most people affected by diabetes belong to countries with low and middle income. Diabetes affects the blood vessels in the hands and feet and decreases blood flow. It also damages the nerves in the feet and causes numbness. When the blood sugar level is persistently high, people lose sensation in their toes and feet and cannot feel irritation and soreness in them. Almost 10% of people who have diabetes develop foot ulcers, and the reduced blood flow increases the healing time of cuts and sores. The diabetic socks protect their feet and help them maintain wellness.

It is essential that people with diabetes choose appropriate socks to prevent foot problems associated with diabetes. Socks designed especially for diabetic people have unique features that safeguard feet and keep them comfortable and healthy.

Features of socks for diabetic patients 


The socks are seamless because even a tiny protrusion from the seams of regular socks can impact the diabetic foot severely. The seams rub against the skin, and it may cause blisters or chafing. In the socks for diabetic people, the end threads are outside, and they do not cause any irritation.


The extra padding in the socks for the sensitive areas prevents injury to the feet and offers additional comfort. Extra padding is found at the bottom, around the toes, and heel.


The socks are non-constricting, and the top bands are highly stretchable. The people wearing the socks can barely feel the socks on their feet. It doesn’t hinder blood circulation in the feet of diabetic people.


The socks are made of unique moisture-wicking fabric to pull the moisture away from the feet and keep them dry. Dry feet lower the risk of fungal infections and eliminate odour.

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The fabric used to make the socks keeps feet warm. The warmth improves the blood circulation in the feet. Fresh blood has more oxygen, and it helps to keep the feet healthy.


It is essential for people who have diabetes to keep their feet clean. The anti-microbial treatment of the socks prevents bacterial and fungal growth in the foot.

Soft yarns

Fine-textured fabrics are used to make diabetic socks. The socks are soft and do not cause friction or irritate the skin. Materials like bamboo, nylon, cotton, and lycra are primarily used to make these socks. 

White colour

White is the colour of socks made for diabetic patients because it helps to notice bleeding from cuts and blisters immediately. It also reveals the draining of the wound and helps to eliminate further complications to the foot problem. 

Benefits of wearing diabetic socks

People with high blood sugar levels have greater risks of neuropathy and find it difficult to feel foot injuries. Severe damage to the feet may lead to amputations which are easily preventable by taking good care of the feet. It is best for people with diabetes to wear these socks because it helps prevent bruises and cuts to the feet and wicks away sweat.

People with high blood sugar levels should take good care of their feet. Diabetic socks are available in all sizes for men and women. They help people with diabetes to manage their illness and maintain healthy feet. The socks improve blood circulation and enable people to enjoy a physically active life even when they suffer from diabetes.


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