Understanding Foot Care


Finding a Podiatrist Experienced in Sports Injuries

Feet carry the weight of the entire body everywhere they go, and this leads to special needs and care to keep them healthy and comfortable. Proper foot care will reduce pain, maintain healthy activities, improve performance in sports and activities, and keep the body healthy. Sports related injuries are some of the most common injuries and require treatment by someone who is comfortable and familiar with their treatments. 

Podiatrists do much more than recommend orthotics and are able to help maintain the health of the feet which affects the alignment of the body. They are trained to prevent injury, treat injuries and rehabilitate after surgeries, and address the foot as well as ankles and the legs as necessary. 

Injuries that occur during sports are often strains and muscle injuries, which require a specific level of care in order to successfully rehabilitate and repair them. Soft tissue injuries need to be treated by an experienced podiatrist for the best results. For Gold Coast podiatry services, Absolute Footcare has trained professionals who are experienced in sports injury. 

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Effective Treatment for Painful Feet

Foot pain makes it difficult or impossible to walk, run, exercise, and complete regular daily routines. It can lead to pain throughout the body including the hips, back, and even the shoulders. To treat or prevent feet from becoming painful a podiatrist will examine the feet and the stride, and will determine what the cause of the pain is, address and create a treatment plan, and help return people to their normal activities. 

Treatments may include stretches, massage, realignment, home remedies such as soaking and resting the feet, wraps or braces, and orthotics, among other things. Some surgical remedies may be required for removal of ingrown toenails, bunions, Achilles tendon concerns, and other injuries. Inflammation and nerve disorders may require ongoing monitoring and medication, along with other supports. 

Orthotics are often recommended and fitted for ongoing concerns. These can be an insole that is added to a quality pair of shoes for minor correction, though in more serious cases they will be made into the shoes directly. A pair of orthotics are created to fit the mold of the foot and correct the alignment over time while providing support for the entire foot and often the ankle as well. Each pair of professional orthotics are made for the specific needs of each foot, so the insoles in one may not match the insole in the other shoe, but they will provide ongoing pain relief and correction.  

Treatment through a podiatrist can treat both injury and ongoing health concerns with the feet, ankles, and legs. Specialists will be able to treat some concerns, such as arthritis or fallen arches best, while others will be focused on sports injuries and treatments. Finding the right podiatrist can improve the results of the treatment and will result in the most success for any concerns. Injury, pain, and discomfort in the feet can create pain up the legs and to the hips and lower back, resulting in limitations on daily movements and exercises. 


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