Understanding the Importance of Localising Your E-Learning Translations

Understanding the Importance of Localising Your E-Learning Translations

With the expansion of the global market podium many businesses have taken upon themselves to develop virtual training modules, these are referred to as e-learning courses. These courses are often translated into the languages of the certain region to help a company convey a streamlined message. However, the concern remains, is the mere translation of e-learning content enough for a new employee to understand?

In most cases, the answer is that it is not. E-learning translation is a first great step to show initiative towards a potential market, but the translation does not necessarily come in a “one size fits all.” The next proper step is to ensure that your translated e-learning material is localised for the particular region. Sounds difficult? Installing the help of an e-learning localisation service can make this a simpler task.

E-Learning Translation vs. E-Learning Localisation

Are they not the same? Well, no actually. As mentioned above e-learning translation is a great first step as it refers to the process of changing the original language version of the web with substitute words in another language. E-learning localisation takes things one step further by adapting content into the regional flavour. In a broader sense, it is to modify the source language and other elements into the regional flavour. This may include but not limited to the list below:

  • Imagery
  • User Interface
  • Tone and Style
  • Currency, Date Formats, Fonts
  • Political Stance

What are my Benefits?

Whether it is a new market group or new employee, they want to see more of a commitment to the company’s behalf. Moreover, localising your e-learning content comes with added bonuses for your company.

Cost Cut and Wider Influence – when you develop a single module across the board you not only save money but also can ensure the message of your company is spread in a quicker manner.

Company Representation – by showing future employees and co-workers respect for their culture and values, you will earn admiration from their behalf, resulting in a win-win situation.

Increases Market Share – By localising into just one other language, you open your product to a new and potentially bigger market. It is about accessibility – if a customer cannot understand how your product or service helps them, how will they ever be convinced to part with their money?

Helps Develop Clientele – If just 25.3% of the global population is using the internet in English, think of all those customers you are potentially missing! Even by offering your content in one other language besides English, you can potentially open a door for a new million customers. All those extra customers and market share are bound to lead to a sizable increase in your company’s revenue.

Five Steps Towards Successful E-learning Localisation

Now that you have a better understanding of what it means to localise your e-learning material, here are the five main guidelines to take into consideration that will guarantee you a successful venture into future targeted markets.

1. Plan Ahead

  • Always do your research. Again, ALWAYS do your research! Know details about the region where you wish to launch your product.
  • Plan for potential language situations, as some languages may expand or shrink once translated; therefore, always leave enough text balloon space.  

2. Keep Things Neutral

  • Idioms, colloquies and any references to literary work are not always universal. Hence, it is advised to omit such works or find the proper alternatives.

3. Let the Professionals Handle It

  • Using a professional e-learning Arabic translation service provider can work wonders for your material mainly because a high ranked agency will have in-house translators that are subject-matter experts in an array of fields.

4. Working With the Right Tools

  • Using the proper software (Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate) when creating your e-learning material, this will allow for easy access for the extraction of text when localising.

5. Tried and Tested

  • Have a ‘soft launch” of sorts for your project once you feel it is near completion. Many companies acquire a small audience from their target region and request feedback. The criticism received can be used towards the improvement of your final product.
  • The Final Say on E-Learning Localisation

               Therefore, while yes e-learning translation is a great stepping-stone for the international market it is e-localisation that will promise the proper procurement of the new regional market. More so, collaborating with professional translation and localisation services can help you obtain this goal in the most efficient manner.

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Why consider a local language translation firm?

An pro firm should have certain unique attributes that other translation companies cannot offer, such as:

  • In-House Native Translators – You should be able to hire a native-speaking translators. They should be able to constantly set new standards for your project. Setting minimum requirement guidelines, such as, carrying a degree in the study of linguistics and having a five-plus year experience in professional translating, we ensure we congregate a world-class team. Catering to more than 250 languages allows us to give our clients a truly personal experience of the audience they are looking to acquire, as our translators understand the cultural and political aspects of a certain region.
  • Subject-Matter Experts – A translation company goes the extra mile and hires experts from the field itself. For your localisation services, we would ensure an expert who has a vast number of years of experience in the field handles your project. This guarantees that there is no room for error as they will be familiar with all the special terminology required for the matter.
  • Fast Turn-Around Time – No matter the size of your project, they should be able to promise clients a speedy delivery. Upon client requests, they should even handle projects over the period of one night.


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