How to Find the Best Chemistry Tuition in Singapore


Singapore’s strict educational curriculum and rigorous examinations have made a significant impact on the learning experiences of students, who are given extensive exposure to Chemistry. This leads to many students adopting the ‘memorise’ technique in order to pass their exams rather than understanding the fundamentals of Chemistry. While this may suffice at first, as the student continues their studies at the tertiary level, they may find that much of what they learnt at primary school has been forgotten and face difficulty in understanding concepts like chemical equations and natural scientific phenomena.

Every student knows that chemistry is difficult. It can be mind-boggling, intimidating, and even scary to study at times. The first problem students face is understanding the basic principles of their subject matter before they even begin their studies.

More and more students are realising the importance of Chemistry tuition in Singapore. As a result, there has been exponential growth in tuition centres offering such services. However, picking out the right one can be an overwhelming prospect for parents who may not know where to start. In this guide, we hope to dispel any confusion and help direct you towards finding the best Chemistry tuition centre for yourself.

Experience and Qualifications of Chemistry Tuition Teachers

Chemistry Tuition teachers in Singapore are always in high demand. The goal of a good tutor is to help the student achieve academic success and beyond. When opting for the best chemistry tuition, one must consider that being a good teacher is not necessarily being trained as a Chemistry teacher. A Chemistry tutor should be able to teach his subject with clarity, confidence, and authority so as to engage the students in learning processes regardless of their level of understanding or experience with chemistry.

A good teacher can have an immense impact on the learning experience of the student. While there are many chemistry tuition centres with tutors branding themselves as trained teachers, one would have to scrutinize the academic background and relevant teaching experience of the tutor to fully understand if the tutor would meet the needs of the student seeking A Level Chemistry tuition. This is because their teaching accreditations might not be subject specific to O and A level chemistry in Singapore.

Alumni Performance

Learning from a qualified tutor can help students achieve their full potential. Parents should look for chemistry tuition in Singapore which has been teaching in the industry for several years, displaying their results publicly. Only when you have results to show can you be considered a real professional. Being able to see the proven results of the past students is a good indicator of a teacher’s teaching methods.

 Conducive Environment 

Education is not just about learning a subject. It’s about learning how to use the information in scientific reasoning. A chemistry tuition centre session should be a one-on-one session, in which students have an opportunity to learn through discussion and clarification of questions. Lessons should follow what is covered in class and extend beyond it, so the student understands how they relate to each other, who they are connected to, study strategies that work best for them and ultimately how they can apply ideas in their daily lives.

Teaching Mode 

The best Chemistry tutors are those who can move beyond simply memorising the various facts and help students understand the concepts. This will enable them to internalise all the information, which means that their confidence will grow steadily. Parents need to ensure that their kids don’t feel like they need to attend chemistry tuition classes just because it is a requirement from their school. If parents can encourage their children to enjoy the subject by helping them learn in an enjoyable but effective way, then the chances of doing well in the subject increase significantly.

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One-Stop Solution for A Level Chemistry Tuition

At Simply Education, chemistry tuition programmes are designed to train students on how to approach Chemistry problems and solve them using logical and systematic methods. We also ensure that students will have mastered all of the necessary basics before delving into advanced topics.


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