Following Standard Healthcare Precautions


There has not been a time in the history of mankind where the act of washing your hands received more importance and attention all across the globe. A basic step for personal and social hygiene, hand washing is something that can prevent a number of illnesses and help someone stay fit and healthy.

The entire focus on hand washing grew with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic where the hands were a major source of transmission of the COVID-19 Virus. That being said, there have been numerous guidelines regarding hand washing from healthcare organizations all across the globe as well as healthcare professionals and the governments of different nations across the globe. In today’s time, you can also get an online course for hand washing, which will definitely help you and your loved ones stay healthy.

Important Hand Washing Procedure

Hand washing is a very simple and basic procedure that can prevent a number of diseases. Be it a household or a workplace, with the right hand washing practices, the inhabitants or visitors within the premises can stay healthy and avoid falling sick due to the transmission of germs and viruses. 

There are some basics and fundamental procedures of hand washing that ensure that it is effective. Before we go into that, it is important to realize the importance of proper hand washing. This is why we need to know how the germs actually spread. 

  • When you cook or eat food with unwashed hands.
  • If and when you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. 
  • When your hands come in contact with surfaces or objects that have germs. 
  • Other instances include blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing into your hands and then not washing them properly. 

When To Wash Your Hands?

There are some important times when you must always wash your hands to stay healthy and protected from germs. 

  • Before you cook food.
  • Before and after you eat.
  • After sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose. 
  • Before and after caring for an ill patient at home or anywhere else.
  • When coming home from the outdoors. 
  • Always after using the toilet and garbage bin. 

Important Techniques of Hand Washing

Now, you need to know about the important techniques of handwashing. A much more detailed, valuable, and effective training can be acquired through an online course for hand washing. In brief, the techniques include: 

  1. First, clean your hands with clean, running water.
  2. Form rich lather with soap or hand washes by rubbing it for at least 20-30 seconds. 
  3. Rinse your hands well with clean, running water.
  4. Dry your hands with a clean and washed towel.
  5. Use sanitizers if soap and water are not available. 

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Online Training

Last but not the least, you can get comprehensive and visual training through an online course for hand washing. Such a course can be very useful to keep your family protected as well as make a workplace more hygienic and safe for all workers within the space. In modern times, you can easily get online training for hand washing both for personal and professional purposes. 



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