What Is the Best Way to Convert EML to Outlook 365?

Convert EML to Outlook 365

In this blog, we’ll go over the most popular methods to convert EML to Outlook 365 or the Office 365 application. If people are looking for a simple way to transfer Windows Live Mail to Office 365, read the entire blog to find the most effective and dependable approach.

Users in the digital era employ email service providers to share data management details. Multiple email program, such as Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Eudora, and others, use the EML or Electronic Mail file extension.

Outlook 365, or Office 365, on the other hand, is one of the best web cloud program available. Users may wonder why they wish to import Windows Live Mail to Outlook 365. A few causes to convert EML to Outlook 365 are listed below.

Importing EML to Outlook 365 for a variety of reasons

We’ve covered some of the most common reasons why people wish to switch from Windows Live Mail to Office 365.

  • Most customers prefer Office 365 since it was conceived and developed by Microsoft.
  • Provides email management services that are both secure and free.
  • Users can access their critical information at any time and from any location. It is create specifically for corporate use to aid in the growth of modern businesses.
  • Outlook 365 is a cloud-based email service that allows users to send and receive emails as well as access Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel online.

These are some of the most typical reasons for migrating from EML to Office 365. We’ll now proceed to the procedure of transferring Windows Live Mail to Outlook 365.

Manual Methods for Importing EML into Outlook 365

Users will find a step-by-step guide to convert EML to Outlook 365 here. For a better understanding of users, we divide the technique into two parts. However, because the manual method of conversion has various limits and hazards, it is recommended that a duplicate copy of the original data be created before beginning the migration process.

  1. EML to PST Files Conversion
  2. PST to Office 365 import

Step 1: Convert EML to Outlook 365 Mailbox

  1. On your computer, open Windows Live Mail.
  2. Select File from the File menu.
  3. Choose Email Messages from the Export Email menu.
  4. Click on Microsoft Exchange as the software now. Then press the Next button.
  5. Select the folder from Windows Live Mail that you want to export.
  6. The conversion process will begin once you click the OK button.
  7. Click the Finish button once the importation is finished.

Step 2: Open Office 365 and import your PST file

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Office 365 account.
  2. To upload data to the Office 365 Azure storage path, go to the Import page and create a new Job.
  3. Now copy and save the SAS URL for network upload.
  4. Install and run the Azure AzCopy program.
  5. When utilizing the AzCopy.exe program to upload PST files into Office 365, users must use the command prompt.
  6. Make a CSV file with all of the mailbox information.
  7. To validate the CSV file, create a PST import job.
  8. PST files should exported to Office 365 or Outlook 365.

The Manual Approach Has Some Drawbacks

  • Process is lengthy and time-consuming.
  • Data loss is a possibility.
  • It is necessary to have technical knowledge.

Import EML to Outlook 365 in a Professional Way

Users can choose one of the best and most reliable solutions for migrating Windows Live Mail to Office 365. Because the manual conversion procedure has various drawbacks, the best alternative is to use automatic professional solutions. EML to Office 365 migration tool, which is built and developed on a smooth user-friendly GUI, is one of the dependable options. The utility can used by even the most inexperienced user without any technical knowledge. Utility comes with a number of fantastic features.


  • It is possible to convert in batches.
  • EML format supports more than 25 email applications.
  • There is no need for technical knowledge.
  • There are no limitations on file size.
  • A user-friendly interface, smooth and easy to use.
  • Provides options for date filtering and naming conventions.
  • All versions of Windows and Mac OS are supportable.
  • The tool has a trial version that allows users to export the first 10 emails for free.

Final Thoughts

The techniques to convert EML to Outlook 365 or Office 365 applications were mentioned above. We can now infer that the manual migration strategy has several limitations. As a result, one of the most trustworthy and reliable EML file converters, as we already discusse about migration tool.

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