What You Need to Know About Oikawa?


Oikawa hasn’t played with the same player or team before, but he plays like he’s been playing together for years. Kageyama is impressed with his new teammate’s ability to play like a veteran. Here are some other things you need to know about Oikawa. You’ll be surprised by his potential! Listed below are some of his top qualities. And don’t miss the chance to watch him play live!


Iwaizumi, a four-year-old, doesn’t have much, but his net is probably his most precious possession. The net is made from a long pole with soft threads attached. One day, when Oikawa decides to attack him, Iwaizumi stumbles back and falls on the grass. Oikawas is a high-maintenance fish and his mother keeps whispering to him about him.


Iwaizumi has a lot of trouble controlling his emotions in Oikawa, a Japanese manga series about a young woman who becomes a ninja. It is her fault, of course, but she is the best ninja in the series. Oikawa is also extremely high-maintenance, and Iwaizumi knew this from the beginning. Whenever they talk, Iwaizumi cannot keep his gaze off her hands. If she laughs, Oikawa stretches its neck and back, and she has expressive eyes. Iwaizumi can’t just drag her eyes away, and she needs to turn around to look at her.

Coach Irihata

On the morning of the first game against Shiratorizawa Academy, the bus to the academy is a buzz with rowdiness. The players chatter and share memes as Coach Irihata calls them out for a motion drill. Then he organizes spike drills. The students look on, excited and ready to take on the defending champions. After the motion drill, Oikawa coach Irihata gives the team a pep talk.


In Oikawa, a young woman named Oikawa is a third-year volleyball player who is desperate to reach Nationals. She is also the childhood friend of Iwaizumi, who calls her “trashykawa” and “crappykawa”. Iwaizumi’s love for Oikawa is undying, as the two have played volleyball together since their elementary school days. Kei is determined to finish college, find a stable job, marry, and have a family. She didn’t realize that she would be distracted by a cute boy. In fact, she was under the impression that they were gay and therefore not interested in her.


As the bus rolled out of the parking lot, a gorgeous man with olive eyes stopped Oikawa. He took the girl to his hotel room. Oikawa leaned in to hear the conversation and smiled. Then, he turned to look at the young man. “Ushijima, are you a Japanese?,” he asked. After a long silence, he leaned forward and looked at Oikawa.

Tsukishima’s double-edged sword

As a volleyball player, Tsukishima is a double-edged sword. His dedication to the sport is questioned by his teammates, but he is confident in his abilities and proud of the improvements he has made. He plays opposite Hinata, a short, energetic player on the Sendai city team. Yamaguchi refers to Tsukishima as Tsukki.


Tsukishima snarled at Oikawa after a long game. The two men had a close relationship and would often go to each other’s matches. They seemed to enjoy the attention from the locals. But as time passed, Tsukishima’s temper began to fray, and he was soon attacked by Oikawa here.



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