Which UPSC Books are Best for Preparing Daily Current Affairs?

UPSC Books

Relevance of UPSC Books

While preparing for the Civil Services Examination, the UPSC books play a vital role in all aspects of the preparation. With the right books by your side, the path towards excelling in the examination becomes well lit. The books for UPSC are an excellent source of information relevant to the IAS examination and are beneficial for all the aspirants looking forward to clearing the examination. 

The most critical aspect of choosing the right book is understanding the different needs for the Prelims examination, Mains examination, and the additional subject that has been opted by the aspirant. Once we understand the different requirements, we can narrow down the list of the books that can be opted for. A bunch of well-researched and informative books can pave the way for an up-to-the-mark preparation for the IAS examination and attainment of the desired result by the aspirant.

Current Affairs in the UPSC Examination

Current affairs of national and international importance compose a significant section of the UPSC Prelims, Mains, and the interview. It is essential to be thorough with all the latest events across the country and globally relevant events. It is also imperative and beneficial in the Mains examination to quote examples while answering the questions. This can only be done when one has complete knowledge of current events or affairs of both national and international significance. You can also visit BYJUS exam prep to prepare for these current affairs sections.

For this, a habit of reading newspapers daily is vital to not miss out on any relevant happening across the globe. A large portion of the current affairs in the UPSC examination comes from the policies, amendments, laws, and regulations that have been enacted or put to function. These can be easily covered by referring to the official governmental websites, portals, or newsletters, as they will provide precise and accurate information on these subjects.

Reading newspapers alone is not adequate enough to prepare daily current affairs. It is often advised that the aspirants should frequently prepare for current affairs from the previous year’s question papers to understand the categorization of various topics, the pattern of questions asked, and recurring areas of questioning.

Magazines are also an excellent source of collecting information regarding the current happenings around the globe. It is also a good habit to prepare your notes after referring to the textbooks and magazines, as it helps to memorize and efficient learning. Once prepared, one can always refer back to these for revision purposes.

Nothing beats the accuracy of a well-published book on the UPSC Current affairs, written by experts and edited by proficient editors. A UPSC book is a foolproof source of conclusive facts and figures. The detailed particulars included in a book can prove to be one of the most significant building blocks of current affairs preparation for the aspirant.

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List of Some Resourceful UPSC Books on Daily Current Affairs

In addition to newspapers, online portals, educational websites, and other educational platforms, the UPSC books play an essential role in aspirants’ preparation. The UPSC books are an authoritative source of detailed and verified data on national and international affairs. These books are readily available in bookstores or on e-commerce websites.

  • The yearly current affairs combo 2021 and 2022 for competitive examinations
  • Vision IAS current affairs
  • Manorama Yearbook
  • Arihant
  • Mathrubhumi Yearbook
  • Competitive Success Review Magazine
  • Yojana Magazine

E-books are also an excellent way of getting your hands on some books dedicated to current affairs preparations. Current Affairs MCQ by MAG Publications is one such example. In addition, you can find various similar books online.



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