All one needs to Know About Opals


There is no other birthstone quite like the opal. Opal, unlike other gems, does not have a definite crystalline structure, making it amorphous. When you come across a rough opal for sale, buying it is highly variable because of the myriad forms and hues it may assume.

Opals that have not been mined, cut, polished, or washed and tumbled are known as “rough opals.” Opal rough is available in two different forms: rough and rubs.

What is rough Australian opal?

Australia is generally accepted as the world’s preeminent producer of opals. Most of the opals in circulation today came from mines in Australia. Wow, that’s a lot of rough diamonds and precious gemstones! Some rough examples are kept that way on purpose, even though most go on to become polished diamonds.

Precisely what are rough opals, then? They are rough stones that have not been sculpted or polished. These stunning creatures are preserved in their original state to be utilised in ornamentation or as jewellery.

Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, and Queensland fields are Australia’s most important producers of rough opal.

Why Invest in Uncut Opal?

Collectables of the roughest variety of Australian opal is in high demand. Jewellers buy them, then sell them to gemstone cutters who fashion the stones into finished jewellery. Then there are natural areas that have been preserved in their original state. These rare and beautiful objects are often displayed in museums or used ceremonially. Think of an opal gemstone with all its blazing, sparkling beauty preserved. An uncut rough opal’s radiance is so captivating that many people choose to keep them in their natural state as a collectable.

What is the Market Value of Raw Opal?

It’s not a simple task to assign a dollar amount to uncut opal because each rough specimen varies significantly from the next. There are, however, indicators of the value of a rough gemstone. Opal cutters classify uncut opals in the following ways:

Rough samples known as offcuts have had their superior features cut away. Cutter’s main job is to chop off the valuable portions and sell the rest. Why buy Off Cuts if they have no redeeming qualities left? It’s common for the leftover uncut to be of excellent quality but subpar for a specific market. Due to this, uncut opal may be acquired at a discount.

Rubs are rough opals that have had their colour brought out by the process of polishing and cutting. When shopping for opal online, it’s best to purchase rubs since they represent the specimen’s colour and are the best value. Also, you get a clear picture of what you’re getting.

Opals from a mine’s “Mine Run” are raw and unpolished. Because the stone’s hue isn’t immediately apparent, working with them tends to be more enigmatic. Valuing a Mine Run opal requires a trained eye and plenty of practice.

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Advice on Purchasing Uncut Opals

When you find rough opal for sale, keeping a few things in mind is essential. 

  • Opal from Australia has been regarded as the most refined raw opal in the world for many years.
  • Opal in water purchases should be made with caution. Opals with the “Hydroplane” moniker pose a danger since they often split or break when removed from the water.
  • Purchase Opal from sellers providing high-quality videos showing the uncut stone.
  • Make inquiries. Don’t be shy about asking an opal dealer any questions you might have about a particular uncut. You might feel more at ease with purchasing the rough opal after talking to them about the specimen and learning about the depth of their knowledge.


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