7 Types of Logo that Every Designer Should Know in 2021

7 Types of Logo that Every Designer Should Know in 2021

As we all know logos contain a lot of importance nowadays. Many small businesses because of a small budget think of eliminating a logo, maybe before that, you may contact any logo design company and ask about the importance of a logo and then make a decision for yourself? As a common person, can you imagine a brand or a company without a logo? How are you going to remember that particular brand without its visual face? If you want people to remember you for your services you definitely need a logo for that purpose. What do you think the logo is? It is the first impression of any brand or organization. People use different types of logo and every kind define a different story.

Since your logo is going to be the foremost item new clients will see, you have to make sure what you chose is right for your brand image. Are you in need of the best logo design? Here are few types of logos that can help you choose what’s best for you.

Important Types of Logo

Monogram logo

A monogram or lettermark is a logo that consists of typography or letters to define a company name. Usually, letter marks are used when a company has a long or a difficult name which sometimes becomes a problem for people. Monogram logos are created with the first letters of a company name to shorten it. Let’s take an example of PUMA; it is also a monogram logo, which contains only the first letters of the company name. So, if your business name can be abbreviated, ask your logo design company or designer to come up with a monogram logo.

Pictorial or symbol logo

These kinds of logos are consist of pictures or symbols instead of any text or letters. But pictorial logos work for those companies that are already recognizable and do not need any kind of introduction about what they do. Let’s take the example of the Snapchat ghost; when you see the logo you know right away what it is about.

Mascot logo

Mascot logos are logos made of some adorned pictures to interact with young people. It is a funky kind of picture often colorful or cartoonish. Everybody has seen those mascots in different places. These logos can work across businesses, depends how they are utilized and what is the idea of your brand.

Abstract logo

An abstract logo is slightly a different kind of logo. Instead of a picture, it consists of geometrical shapes, lines, etc. You cannot communicate anything identified with your organization with an abstract logo. In any case, this kind of logo has an inarguable reflection that reminds you about your vision with a famous image. Abstract logos are a bit difficult to work with. For that, you can contact a logo design company and hire a professional.


Wordmark logos are all about typography or concentrate on a name of an organization. These kinds of logos work when an organization has a clear or well-defined name. So, while deciding about a name think of a different and unique one but memorable as well. As you know, these logos are focused on typography, choose the fonts wisely.

Combination mark

A combination mark is basically the combination of all the others, such as wordmark, abstract logo, pictorial logo, monogram logo, and mascot. It can be a picture with a letter form or a text with shape. Let’s take an example of the KFC logo; you can see the combination of a mascot and geometrical shape.


Emblem logos are similar to the combination marks because, in both logos, the symbol and the text are used. We can see an emblem logo commonly being used for public organizations and schools.

Why is it important to have a logo for your business

As we have learned about the types of logos. Now, is the time to look at the importance of a logo.

  • A logo sets you apart from others. It tells a difference between you and other organizations. As a company or a brand you know you have a competition, think about a logo that can separate you from others, gives you an identity of your own.
  • We all know, the purpose of having a logo is that it defines your brand personality and your vision. People can only remember your services or you if you have a logo for your company. Nobody can imagine a company without a logo? As a common individual, we need something we can associate with that particular company whose services we like the most.
  • A logo can improve how people will see your product as you know individuals can judge you and your services whenever they will look at your logo. If your services were already good enough, a good logo can complement your image.

However, if you have made your mind about having a logo after reading this, you can hire a designer from any logo design company to make your difficulty disappear.


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