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Islam is a beautiful region. Islam guides you in every situation of your life, how to make your bond stronger with your loved ones, by giving gifts to each other is one of the beautiful ways to express your genuine feelings. We have so many Islamic gift stores nowadays, Islamic gift stores are offering us a different collection of beautiful and unique Islamic products from all over the world, and These Islamic stores help ummah on a global scale by importing and exporting different products all around the universe. 

1: Best ways to choose gifts from Islamic gift stores

How we can choose the best gift for our special one? First of all, it depends, which Islamic store you choose to buy gifts from. Keep these key points in your mind when you are going to choose a gift store:

  • Every product should be halal, as a Muslim you should stay away from the haram things
  • Good customer services  by Islamic gift store
  • If you are ordering online, your order will be free of any error and it should be departure on time
  • Islamic shop online should be offering the best quality of products, so keep your focus on the quality of products 

Here are the following ways to choose your gift wisely:

  • Always give a keep on giving kind of gift, for example, give something useful
  • Always give a problem solver gift. Happiness comes when you remove negativity from someone heart, So always pick a gift with generosity
  • Buy a gift at an affordable price and you can also give personalised gifts islamic
  • Choose a religious gift, do not pick up the gift that does not connect your heart with your religion  
  • Pick a gift that you think so, your friend needs, like you can gift someone a thing that she/he cannot afford and he/she has a real desire to buy it
  • Your gift should be a reflection of your love towards your partner or friend

2: Islamic gift options for men

  • A prayer mat is a generous gift. Whenever your friend or partner use the prayer mat, he/she will always remind you, and surely he/she won’t forget to make a pray for you too
  • A set of the beautiful color of kurta pajamas for him, if he is modern in his thoughts you can gift him anything else in dressing according to that
  • Give your partner or friend an azan watch that not only just not shows azan time but also tells them the right direction of Qibla
  • Islamic bracelets and necklace for him that contains the name of Allah or Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), you can buy it from any islamic gift shop online
  • Nothing can be a more precious gift than a Quran. 
  • You can buy an Islamic hat for him. It’s a Sunnah to wear a cap during the five times of prayer

3: Islamic gift options for women 

  • A beautiful set of Abaya 
  • Ayatul kursi cuff for her  
  • Different colors of head-scarves to cover the head and chest properly 
  • Islamic hands gloves and socks to cover her hands and feet’s
  • Islamic rings
  • Nowadays we also have nail paint on the market that you can apply and with that, you can offer your prayer. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Pendant with the name of Allah
  • Prayer Mat
  • Quran 

You can easily buy these gifts from any Islamic gift store, like gift Islamic.

4: Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Online shopping is the easiest method of shopping. Online shopping will save you time and money, you do not have to go to the store, so your traveling expense will be nothing. You can also select the store that will offer free shipping of your order, but if some of the good stores are taking shipping money and delivering your order on time, carefully and it’s delivering to you by long-distance then there is no harm in paying it. In online shopping stores, the varieties of products are more as compared to in-store shopping. You can easily send a gift to your loved ones by ordering gifts at their home addresses. You do not need to go to crowded places, and you will have privacy for discreet purchases.

There are some disadvantages of online shopping too. Sometimes you have to face problems like a delayed shipment of your order, or they have sent you the wrong order. By online shopping, you are doing less contact with your community. Some online stores have a return policy, but most of it not providing it. Online gift websites are scams and unfriendly. Some of them have no support for local retailers. Some of them have no sales assistance. By online shopping, you do not know exactly what are you going to get. Online stores can send you damage material with no return policy. The biggest fear of online shopping is about the quality of a product. 

5: Benefits of buying Islamic gifts

Following are the benefits of buying Islamic gifts:

  • Islamic products keep you close to Allah and Islamic history. If you are buying Quran and another Islamic book for someone, you are not going to get praise from them but also Allah
  • Buying Islamic gifts will help to promote Islam all over the world. People will get to know Islam is a religion of peace and love 
  • Buying Islamic product will enhance your love with your religion too, it shows you how much religious you are, and how much you want other to fall in love with your religion
  • By buying Islamic products more and more you are helping the Islamic product industry to grow more and more, it will increase export and import on the global level and your religious brothers and sisters will get the benefit of it on market level. We should only buy islamic gifts from any trustworthy online islamic shop
  • By buying or gifting Islamic products, we can also serve humanity, do not only buy a gift for your loved ones but also the charity foundations like old age home and orphans home
  • By giving gifts to someone, it promotes love, honesty, respect in your relationship with them 

We should pick an Islamic gift for our loved ones so that we can keep connect ourselves to our religion. Even if your friend or partner isn’t that much religious, you should be trying to keep engage themselves. Buy Islamic gifts from any authentic online store. The only shop from that online store who you trust, do not waste your money on useless things. Promote online Islamic gift stores, by helping them to promote their industry on the market level. Be aware of the scam and unfriendly online stores. Try to gift only Islamic products to each other and do not forget to buy and gift Islamic products to those who need them, it can be a part of the charity.   


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